“Do You Use DoTerra Essential Oils To Make Lemon Canary Natural Soy Candles?”

We’ve been asked so many times lately if our natural soy wax candles are scented with DoTerra essential oils. So I thought I’d write a blog article to answer this question because you might be very interested to hear the answer.Read More

How To Create Beautiful Scents With Organic Essential Oil Blends For Handmade Natural Candles

Creating beautiful scents using organic essential oils is an art. I love it! We are all very different so don’t be surprised if what you love is different to what your friends love. This makes creating scents for everyone a challenge but in your home it all comes down to what you love.

In this article you’ll find some tips and principles we use at Lemon Canary when creating organic essential oil scents for our natural soy candles and other products. Hopefully you find this info interesting and helpful.Read More

This Is My Custom Handmade Memorial Candle Bowl For Our Baby Jack

Hello beautiful,

Did you know we make custom handmade candles for you and your loved ones?

This is my story of the beautiful candle bowl you see in the picture above.

My brother and sister-in-love where pregnant with their 3rd child. My brother was overseas when he received the call. The baby’s heartbeat couldn’t be found. Chris flew home straight away and my sister-in-love waited for him to birth the baby.Read More

The Lemon Canary Scent Guide 2018

Welcome to Lemon Canary’s Scent Guide for 2018. This guide is designed to help you find the Lemon Canary product you’ll love most. These exclusive scents are found in all our handmade products including natural soy candles, soy melts, organic essential oils, organic body & room mists, organic body oils, organic perfumes, reed diffusers and more. We hope you find what you’re looking for. If not, get in touch, we have so many fragrance combinations available we can’t list them all here. We’d love to chat if you have any special requests.

If you want an amazing scent made from only 100% certified organic essential oils (no fragrant oils) please choose from the Organic Scent Collection or the Chakra Organic Scent Collection. For even more info visit ‘Our Ingredients’ page by clicking here. See what’s in our products and what we stand for.

Organic Scent Collection

All scents contain 100% organic essential oils. Click on a scent to view the collection.Read More

Are Lemon Canary Candles Triple Scented?


I have been inspired recently to let my beautiful customers know more about my handmade candles. We say our candles are made to be the best choice possible, but why? A good starting point on this journey is to answer a question we are asked almost every day, “Are Lemon Canary candles ‘triple scented’?” It sounds like a simple question… but it’s not that easy for me to answer… here goes… I could say they are triple scented but I won’t. Let me explain…Read More

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