4th Chakra (Love): Love. Joy. Compassion.


Hey Canaries,

Now it’s time for the Love Chakra… our favourite! The Love Chakra is responsible for unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. This includes self acceptance, friendships and intimate relationships. This Chakra can be challenging for many but very rewarding too. Do you easily love others? Who won’t you forgive? What relationships need healing? Do you need to forgive yourself? It is such a beautiful Chakra that brings fullness and healing to life. If you’d like to learn more read on…

4th Chakra (Love)
Love. Joy. Compassion.

“I am loved. I am trusting. I am accepting of others. I am loving. I am beautiful. I love myself. I have love to give and receive. My heart loves unconditionally”.Read More

3rd Chakra (Powerful): Confidence. Self Respect. Decisiveness.


Hi Canaries,

Today we are exploring the 3rd Chakra. Also known as the Solar Plexus or Powerful Chakra. It encompasses the region of the body between the sternum and navel. Chakra 3 is all about personal power which relates to self-esteem, confidence, personality and ego. An unbalanced 3rd Chakra can result in anger, greed, abusive behaviour, being overly critical, fear and an oversensitivity to what other people think. Are you critical and judgemental of other people? Do you like yourself? There’s so many questions you can ask yourself in relation to this Chakra. So let’s learn more about the Powerful 3rd Chakra and do some self reflection as we go.

3rd Chakra (Powerful)
Confidence. Self Respect. Decisiveness.

“I am confident. I am respectful. I am calm. I am patient. I am relaxed. I allow things to unfold in perfect time. My body is full of energy, vitality and health.”Read More

2nd Chakra (Creative): Pleasure. Well Being. Identity.


Dear Canaries,

As we move into the Creative (2nd) Chakra, we move from things that are essential to our basic existence like the physical body, provision and safety into a realm of desire, pleasure, creativity, sexuality and identity. A balanced and healthy Creative Chakra is often connected with contentedness even when change and transition is present. Are you embracing and enjoying the fullness and sweetness of life? Do you handle change well? Let’s have a closer look at what the Creative (2nd) Chakra is all about.

2nd Chakra (Creative)
Pleasure. Well Being. Identity.

“I am connected. I am supported. I am creative. I am desirable. I am open. I express myself freely.”Read More

1st Chakra (Base): Passion. Safety. Provision. Survival.


Hi Canaries,

Welcome to the Base (1st) Chakra. If your asking yourself, “What is Chakra?”, the answer is only moments away. Click here for an introduction to the world of Chakras. For those of you who want to explore the Chakra philosophy more but are not sure where to begin, the Base Chakra is nearly always the best place to start. This Chakra relates to the physical and material world. It incorporates basic provision for life, human survival and your sense of security. A fit, healthy body and lifestyle will assist your Base Chakra. A balanced and healthy Base Chakra is often connected with earthy and physical activities like exercise, dance, gardening and cooking. How connected are you with your physical body and the earth around you? How safe and secure do you feel? Let’s explore the Base Chakra some more.

1st Chakra (Base)
Passion. Safety. Provision. Survival.

“I am grounded. I am calm. I am balanced. I am stable. I am secure. I am home.”Read More

Vintage Jar Soy Candles… For The Love.


When I first started making soy candles I wanted to try and re use old jars to reduce the carbon footprint of Lemon Canary. But where would I find old jars? Jars that people would embrace. By the biggest stroke of luck or fate, whatever you may call it, I came across a gorgeous old Fowlers Vacola preserve jar at my local St.Vinnies. “Do you have any more of these”, I yelled out in delight, startling the poor lady sorting through a bag of donations. She went on to tell me that the jars were something of an Australian icon.Read More