This Is My Custom Handmade Memorial Candle Bowl For Our Baby Jack

Hello beautiful,

Did you know we make custom handmade candles for you and your loved ones?

This is my story of the beautiful candle bowl you see in the picture above.

My brother and sister-in-love where pregnant with their 3rd child. My brother was overseas when he received the call. The baby’s heartbeat couldn’t be found. Chris flew home straight away and my sister-in-love waited for him to birth the baby.Read More

Are Lemon Canary Candles Triple Scented?


I have been inspired recently to let our beautiful customers know more about our handmade candles. We say our candles are made to be the best choice possible, but why? A good starting point on this journey is to answer a question we are asked almost every day, “Are Lemon Canary candles ‘triple scented’?” It sounds like a simple question… but it’s not that easy for me to answer… here goes… I could say they are triple scented but I won’t. Let me explain…Read More

How To Use Organic Essential Oils

The life force of a plant is said to be contained in the essential oil. In some cases it takes bucket fulls of blossoms to extract a mere teaspoon of essential oil. When used correctly, each essential oil has it’s own healing effect on the body. When used incorrectly essential oils can do harm so please always follow the instructions and advice provided.

Here’s the most common and effective ways to use organic essential oils. All these methods are not suitable for every essential oil or blend so check the product information for the best method of use for that specific oil before you get started…

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How To Care For Your Soy Candles

Beautiful soy candles enhance the places we live and celebrate in. They bring an ambiance only they can. For you to enjoy the very best of what your new soy candle has to offer we’ve got some tips for you. And if you’re looking down this page thinking… “I don’t have time to read all of that info”… then perhaps come back later and at the very least be sure to read the instructions on the base of your candle before you use it. Let’s get started…

11 ‘Caring For Your Candle’ TipsRead More

The Joy Of Soy… 16 Reasons Why We Love Soy Candles

Wondering if natural soy candles are the best? …or if soy wax candles are better for your health and the health of your family? Let’s have a look at your options…

There are 3 main types of waxes used for candle making… Soy Wax, Beeswax and Paraffin Wax. Beeswax comes from a beehive… of course. Our family has several beehives. Bees have to work very hard to make a small amount of beeswax, it’s always in short supply and it’s very expensive. It’s even more expensive if you want organic beeswax from local, chemical free and reputable beehives. That’s why, when you buy a candle it will most likely be made from Soy Wax or Paraffin Wax.Read More