Crystal Candles… The Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Private Label, Cleanskin & White Label Candles, Essential Oils, Natural Perfumes & Body Mists At Lemon Canary

Are you looking for a maker of custom made cleanskin and private label candles, essential oils and body mists for your brand or event?

At Lemon Canary we have 1000’s of possibilities allowing you to create candles, essential oils and other products that are unique and special. Your customers will love our individual, thoughtful, personal and beautiful creations.

Here’s more information to help you decide if your brand and Lemon Canary are a match made in heaven.

What is a private label, cleanskin or white label product at Lemon Canary?

Cleanskin candles and products are also referred to as white label products. They are soy candles, essential oils, body mists, natural perfumes, soy wax melts and other products that are supplied with no label so you can apply your own. The other option is private labelling.

Private label candles and products are those we attach a customers own unique label to.

With our cleanskin and private label service you can create a custom product as unique as you are.

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How To Use Organic Essential Oils

The life force of a plant is said to be contained in the essential oil. In some cases it takes bucket fulls of blossoms to extract a mere teaspoon of essential oil. When used correctly, each essential oil has it’s own special effect on the body. When used incorrectly essential oils can do harm so please always follow the instructions and advice provided.

Here’s the most common and effective ways to use organic essential oils. All these methods are not suitable for every essential oil or blend so check the product information for the best method of use for that specific oil before you get started…

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Choosing candle and diffuser scents for your store, brand or event can be a challenge. We’ve got some tips and strategies for you to help make this process a successful one that will hopefully avoid lost opportunities, low sales and slow moving stock. Here’s 4 scenting strategies and 6 tips you might like to consider for your business.

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Soy Candle Making Calculator: Calculate How Much Wax & Scent You Need In Grams For Your Next Batch

Here’s a quick and simple calculator to work out exactly how much wax and scent you need to make your next batch of soy candles. No more maths, percentages or work sheets, this tool does the work for you. It works with fragrance oil scents, essential oil scents and combination scents. Bookmark this page so you can use it whenever you need to.

If you ever don’t want to make candles, we are happy to make them for you. At Lemon Canary we specialise in personalised candles and also offer private label, cleanskin and white label soy candles.

The world’s best soy candle making calculator is right here and it’s free to use whenever you want. It even tells you how many jugs you’ll need if you are pouring batches. Enjoy!

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