How To Create Beautiful Scents With Organic Essential Oil Blends For Handmade Natural Candles

Creating beautiful soy candle scents using organic essential oils is an art. We love it! Everyone very different so don’t be surprised if what you love is different to what your friends love. This makes creating scents for everyone a challenge but in your home it all comes down to what you love.

In this article you’ll find some tips and principles we use at Lemon Canary when creating 100% pure and organic scents for our natural essential oil soy candles and other organic products. Hopefully you find this info interesting and helpful.Read More

How To Care For & Use Your Soy Candles

Beautiful soy candles enhance the places we live and celebrate in. They bring an ambiance only they can. For you to enjoy the very best of what your new soy candle has to offer we’ve got some tips for you. And if you’re looking down this page thinking… “I don’t have time to read all of that info”… then perhaps come back later and at the very least be sure to read the instructions on the base of your candle before you use it. Let’s get started…

11 ‘Caring For Your Soy Candle’ TipsRead More

Vintage Jar Soy Candles… For The Love.

When we first started making soy candles we wanted to try and re use old jars to reduce the carbon footprint of Lemon Canary. But where could beautiful old jars be found? Jars that people would embrace. By the biggest stroke of luck or fate, whatever you may call it, we came across a gorgeous old Fowlers Vacola preserve jar at our local St.Vinnies. “Do you have any more of these”, yelling out in delight, startling the poor lady sorting through a bag of donations. She went on to tell us that the jars were something of an Australian icon.Read More

The Joy Of Soy… 16 Reasons Why We Love Soy Candles

Wondering if natural soy candles are the best? …or if soy wax candles are better for your health and the health of your family? Let’s have a look at your options…

There are 3 main types of waxes used for candle making… Soy Wax, Beeswax and Paraffin Wax. Beeswax comes from a beehive… of course. Our family has several beehives. Bees have to work very hard to make a small amount of beeswax, it’s always in short supply and it’s very expensive. It’s even more expensive if you want organic beeswax from local, chemical free and reputable beehives. That’s why, when you buy a candle it will most likely be made from Soy Wax or Paraffin Wax.Read More

The Best Christmas Candle Of 2019

Wondering what this year’s best christmas candle for your home might be? Look no further than Lemon Canary’s gorgeous Christmas Advent Candle made with natural soy wax, organic essential oils, fine fragrance, love and plenty of attention to detail. This is the perfect Christmas candle for all of December.

Enjoy the sweet smell of Sugar Plum and Christmas Spice as you countdown the days until Santa arrives. It’s fun and interactive for you and your family, as you mark the days and light the candle in anticipation of that wonderful day of the year.Read More