Why Use Miron Violet Glass For Essential Oil Candles?


Miron (or Violet) glass is an extremely special and unique type of glass. At Lemon Canary we use this glass for some of our container soy candles, body mists and essential oils. It is a magnificent looking glass but thats not the main reason why we use it. Miron glass is simply the ultimate for preserving our products that contain organic essential oils… even much better than amber glass. And they preserve for extended periods of time.Read More

“Do You Use DoTerra Essential Oils To Make Lemon Canary Natural Soy Candles?”

We’ve been asked so many times lately if our natural soy wax candles are scented with DoTerra essential oils. So I thought I’d write a blog article to answer this question because you might be very interested to hear the answer.Read More

The Crystal Meaning & Intention List

Have you seen Lemon Canary’s candles, soy melts and body mists that incorporate crystals and stones into the design? Have you received a custom Lemon Canary intentional candle bowl and perhaps not realised there is a beautiful message wanting to be told by the crystals that have been placed in the piece?

Many of the custom candles we make are gifted to special people at important moments by loved ones. It’s important that a gift is beautiful and unique but when you see crystals used there is often more in the gift than meets the eye.

We create custom candles with an intention in mind. That means we aim to add heart and meaning into every piece. Crystals help us do that in a really special way because every crystal has it’s own meaning and intention. The following list of crystals is always changing. It mostly includes the crystals and stones we use in our world renowned candle bowls that you can design yourself online. I hope you find this crystal information interesting and helpful especially if you are using our Design Your Own candle service and wanting to choose the perfect crystals to embellish your next Lemon Canary candle with. Crystals allow a candle to speak a beautiful message and this list is designed to help you understand their language. Enjoy!

Stone of opportunity and prosperity. Associated with healing and harmony. Said to reduce stress and bring courage.Read More

How To Create Beautiful Scents With Organic Essential Oil Blends For Handmade Natural Candles

Creating beautiful scents using organic essential oils is an art. I love it! We are all very different so don’t be surprised if what you love is different to what your friends love. This makes creating scents for everyone a challenge but in your home it all comes down to what you love.

In this article you’ll find some tips and principles we use at Lemon Canary when creating organic essential oil scents for our natural soy candles and other products. Hopefully you find this info interesting and helpful.Read More

This Is My Custom Handmade Memorial Candle Bowl For Our Baby Jack

Hello beautiful,

Did you know we make custom handmade candles for you and your loved ones?

This is my story of the beautiful candle bowl you see in the picture above.

My brother and sister-in-love where pregnant with their 3rd child. My brother was overseas when he received the call. The baby’s heartbeat couldn’t be found. Chris flew home straight away and my sister-in-love waited for him to birth the baby.Read More