Private Label, Cleanskin & White Label At Lemon Canary

Are you looking for a maker of custom made cleanskin and private label candles, essential oils and body mists for your brand or event?

At Lemon Canary we have 1000’s of possibilities allowing you to create candles, essential oils and other products that are unique and special. Your customers will love our individual, thoughtful, personal and beautiful creations.

Here’s more information to help you decide if your brand and Lemon Canary are a match made in heaven.

What is a private label, cleanskin or white label product at Lemon Canary?

Cleanskin candles and products are also referred to as white label products. They are soy candles, essential oils, body mists, natural perfumes, soy wax melts and other products that are supplied with no label so you can apply your own. The other option is private labelling.

Private label candles and products are those we attach a customers own unique label to.

With our cleanskin and private label service you can create a custom product as unique as you are.

Where are the private label and cleanskin products on the Lemon Canary website?

Our cleanskin and private label possibilities are almost endless. The best place to start is on our Cleanskin & Private Label category page here… 

PRODUCT SELECTION – What private label and cleanskin products are currently available?

Our current cleanskin product range includes…

In the near future we hope to add our bath salts and reed scent diffusers to the range.

MOQS – Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Yes, most products require a minimum order of 24 units per type / scent. Some MOQs are less than 24 units. For example, our large custom candle bowls have an MOQ is 6 units of the same kind / scent.

MOQS – Will the MOQ be lower if many different types are purchased?

To keep this program viable our very low MOQ of 24 units is firm. 24 units is a very low amount for cleanskin products and we do this to help you get started. There are some product like our larger candle bowls with smaller MOQ.

ACCOUNTDo I need a wholesale account or special account to receive the correct pricing?

No. Wholesale accounts are needed for approved retail stores who stock Lemon Canary branded products. For cleanskin and private label candles and products, the MOQs and pricing is automatically calculated. For a total amount, just add your selections to cart and see it there.

PRICING – What discount off the retail prices do you get?

You will get a minimum of 50% off the retail price when you purchase our minimum order quantity or more. You don’t need any special logins, the price adjusts automatically when you select the MOQ. We are always adding more private label and cleanskin options regularly so keep an eye out for that.

SCENTS – Having trouble choosing a scent?

Like to try some of our 24+ scents? Here’s some links to where you can order scent samples from us.

Get in touch with us if you’d like a copy of our ‘SCENT RANKING GUIDE’ and…

Click here to view our strategy guide on…


LABELS & PACKAGING – What’s the go?

When you order you will have 3 main choices for labels.

  1. Cleanskin – The product is supplied with no label
  2. Labels Supplied By You (Recommended for highest quality) – You send us your printed labels and we will apply them for you. We will need 2 labels for each candle ( 1 for the vessel and 1 for the box). For labels and other custom packaging you may require, it is much cheaper to buy from a specialist instead of us. We use for most of our labels. They have a great sample pack you can get with about 45 different label stock options.
  3. Custom Label Template By Lemon Canary (Recommended for getting started quickly and easily – these labels are only available for our classic soy candles and gold tin candles). You can select one of our templates and let us know what custom text you want where. This is a great way to order and start learning what your customers love before investing in larger quantities of professionally printed labels.

The custom label and packaging possibilities out there are almost endless and you really need a specialist to assist you. When you’re starting out with our minimum MOQs it’s best to keep things simple and we will help with some generic options. Custom packaging often requires quantities of 1000+ units per type to be economical.

LABELS & PACKAGING – Will you store our custom labels and packaging for us?

We ask that if you would like us to use your labels and custom packaging that you send us what we need for your current order. With space limitations it’s not practical for us to offer storage services.

LABELS – Responsibilities?

When you private label your own product it is important to understand you are responsible to ensure your label complies with all requirements. You can use our labels and other products in the market as a guide but you need to read and follow all labelling requirements. Lemon Canary will not take any responsibility for your label content or design. Our specialty is making beautiful products.

LIMITATIONS – Some of the things we don’t do.

We have 1000’s of possible custom combinations but we do have to draw the line somewhere.

– Colour Dyes: We don’t use colour dyes in our waxes. We prefer going as natural as possible. The other reason is some dyes affect fragrances.

– Glassware: We prefer to only use the glassware we know and trust. A lot of testing goes into selecting our vessels in terms of safety, reliability, wick configuration etc. Unfortunately it is not viable for us to complete this testing every time a custom request for a unique vessel is made. The use of custom vessels will require much higher minimum order quantities. The other challenge of custom vessels is the additional time, effort and cost of organising an initial packaging order.

Lemon Canary's rose gold 'Strength Faith Hope' soy candle with box and white coral behind

ORDER SPEED – How long does it take to make, package and ship the average private label and cleanskin order?

95% of our cleanskin orders are made, packed and ready to be shipped in 10 to 15 business days. Further customisation requirements and supply chain issues can increase the lead time.

DELIVERY – Who delivers private label and cleanskin orders for Lemon Canary?

Our preference is to ship using Australia Post to most parts of Australia. This also allows us to also send to PO boxes.

DELIVERY – A note about shipping candles in hot weather

We prefer to have your private label or cleanskin order signed for on delivery. If you choose to have your delivery left in a safe place please note that Lemon Canary does not take responsibility if your order is left in a sunny or hot place where the candle wax is affected or if the package is lost or damaged after being dropped off.

SAMPLES – How to order samples of private label and cleanskin products

Samples are sold at our regular retail prices. Just pop on to our website and purchase the Lemon Canary labelled product you would like to sample. The only difference between our private label and cleanskin products and Lemon Canary labelled products is the label. Please note that if you order a crystal candle the arrangement may be different from order to order.

VISITS – Will someone come and visit me or can I come and visit you?

We are a bespoke ‘make to order’ studio. We concentrate on making. We don’t have any salespeople but you can try any of our products by ordering online before choosing any of our private label and cleanskin products. Because we are always making, email is the best way to get in touch with us.

We closed our production studio in Southport earlier in 2020. We have moved our studio to Perth which has worked out very well for the business and us personally. While we’ve continued our private classes and consultancy work, we are not set up for meetings or client visits.

VISITS – Just want to pop in and smell some of our products?

We are a ‘make to order’ studio, so apart from a huge amount of raw material supplies, we don’t have finished product in stock to show you. The reason we do this is we offer 1000’s of possible product combinations, it’s just not practical to stock them all.

PHONE – Why don’t you always answer the phone?

Good question! The quality of our work is far better without interruptions. We do use the phone lol, but we find email communication works better for us especially as we are often replying late in the evening.

We’re a little bit old school and like to live our own way, free of as many digital obligations as possible.

BROCHURES – Are there any printed material or brochures on Lemon Canary’s cleanskin opportunity?

No, we love paperless and try to keep things as simple and sustainable as possible. We update this page and our Private Label / Cleanskin category page with lots of info however we understand there is often specific questions you might have.

Just click here to get in touch.

We’re looking forward to working with you.


The Lemon Canaries xo


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