Natural Candle Making Kits By Lemon Canary… The Bird Is Out Of The Cage!

Lemon Canary have let the bird out of the cage with their new natural candle making kit. Now you can can make beautiful natural wax candles scented with certified organic essential oils just like Lemon Canary in the comfort of your own home. So good.

Your beautiful candle making starter kit will be equipped with exactly what you need and makes a wonderful gift to yourself or for someone else. It’s perfect for beginners and no experience is necessary. And every kit comes with detailed step by step instructions. There’s even organic rose buds, rose petals and rose quartz chips to start playing and perfecting your decorative embellishments.

You can choose your scent too. When you purchase your kit you can choose to add 2 or more bottles of Lemon Canary’s organic essential oil blends for scenting your homemade candles. Or, you can go for the unscented option and make candles without scent or use the essential oils you already have at home for scenting.

What’s included in the kit…

1 x 500g of natural wax

500g pouch of Lemon Canary natural soy wax for candlemaking

1 x 250ml empty white glass vessel (with wick and sticker to secure wick to vessel)
2 x travel tin candle empty vessel (with wick and sticker to secure wick to vessel)
4 x tea light candle empty vessel (with wick and sticker to secure wick to vessel)
2 x wick holders and pegs
1 x small bottle of Organic Rose Buds and Petals with a sprinkling of Rose Quartz Chips
1 x wick trimmers

1 x plastic jug with spout (dishwasher safe)
1 x mercury thermometer
1 x wooden stirrer
7 x round warning labels

1 x printed instructions
and add scent to your kit if you want to.

With this candle making kit Lemon Canary invites you on a journey. It’s a fun journey, one of learning, success and sometimes less than perfect results. Our prayer is that this kit comes with only one expectation… that it will bring you joy. Take the pressure off, you’re learning, give yourself room to try things and experiment without judgement. Smile, laugh and if you make a mistake, no big deal. You can always remelt and try again.


Why natural wax?

The natural wax in this candle making kit is 100% sustainable… there’s no petroleum derived ingredients like paraffin, and no plastics, toxins, pesticides or herbicides. Our waxes come from sustainable and cruelty free farming and they are a renewable resource that can be replaced at the same rate or faster than can be consumed without damaging the ecosystem.

How much essential oil do you use in a candle?

At Lemon Canary, in most cases we add 5%-6% essential oil to our wax. This is an absolute maximum. We try and pack our candles as full as possible with love and value. For a 200g candle we add approximately 10ml-12ml of essential oil. This is an absolute maximum so you could add much less if you like. In fact, we recommend that you should use less than we do when you are learning. Remember when measuring, 20 drops is approximately equal to 1ml. You can add whatever essential oils you like. Use them alone or in combination and get creative.

If you do buy a Lemon Canary candle making kit have fun with it and enjoy your homemade candles.


The Lemon Canaries xo


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