The Crystal Meaning & Intention List

Have you seen Lemon Canary’s candles, soy melts and body mists that incorporate crystals and stones into their designs? Have you received a custom Lemon Canary intentional candle bowl and perhaps not realised there is a beautiful message wanting to be told by the crystals and botanicals that have been placed in the piece?

Many of the custom candles we make are gifted to special people at important moments by loved ones. It’s important that a gift is beautiful and unique but when you see crystals used there is often more in the gift than meets the eye.

We create custom candles with an intention in mind. That means we aim to add heart and meaning into every piece. Crystals help us do that in a really special way because every crystal has it’s own meaning and intention. The following list of crystals is always changing. It mostly includes the crystals and stones we use in our world renowned candle bowls that you can design yourself online. I hope you find this crystal information interesting and helpful especially if you are using our Design Your Own candle service and wanting to choose the perfect crystals to embellish your next Lemon Canary candle with. Crystals allow a candle to speak a beautiful message and this list is designed to help you understand their language. Enjoy!

Stone of opportunity and prosperity. Associated with healing and harmony. Said to reduce stress and bring courage.

A stabilising, soothing and calming stone. Said to bring great strength and self-confidence. Improves concentration. Peace of mind. Healing. Positive and uplifting.

The sweet dreams stone. Aids sleep. Healing and cleansing. Overcomes negativity with positivity.

A stone of peace, tranquility and brotherhood. Inspires to speak the truth with compassion. Raises awareness. Healing.

It is a stone of peace, protection and reconnection to the earth (water). Cleansing, calming, energising and refreshing. Inspires happiness, trust and letting go.

Stone of happiness and abundance. Energising and creative. Intuitive and overcoming of fears.

Clear Quartz
Healing, harmony and clarity. Brings balance.

Coral Red
Brings prosperity and respect. Protects from sadness and depression.

Purifies, cleans and stabilises. Protects against stress. Brings calmness and overcomes chaos. Boosts concentration.

Fluorite Green – The Genius Stone. A stone of order and harmony. Inspiring good ideas and clever thinking. Brings the butterflies.

The Dream stone. Brings love, tranquillity and wisdom. Awakens the mind. Encourages kindness to self. Dispels negative thoughts.

Lapis Lazuli
A protection stone. Teaches mindfulness and self awareness. Encourages honest expression and compassion. Relationship builder.

Protective stone. Aids in expressing your true self. Strengthens the will and gives meaning. Brings loyalty and encourages openness.

Peacock Ore
An abundance and meditation stone.

Rose Quartz
Unconditional love and peace. Calms and purifies. Attracts love. Encourages forgiveness and trust. Comfort for heartache and grief.

Brings clarity of mind and divine understanding. Brings deep peace.

Tiger Eye
A grounding and protective stone. Mood lifter, motivator and stress release. Encourages commitment and helps with conflict resolution.

Blessings xo

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