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Our Ingredients

Australian Made. Natural Scents. Cruelty-Free. Non-Toxic. Vegan. Amazing.

Do you love candles with natural and organic ingredients? So do we!

Lemon Canary's rose gold 'Strength Faith Hope' soy candle with box and white coral behind

Lemon Canary handmade soy candles love people. Our ingredients are carefully selected to be healthy and safe for your family, children, pets and those you love most. Amazing scents and beautiful candle creations is what Lemon Canary is best known for but we don't believe that is enough.

We choose ingredients and make products that bring health, peace and wellness to wherever you are.

Here's some more info about what's in our love filled products, what we stand for and why you can trust Lemon Canary to always be wholesome, safe and loving to you and the environment.

Lemon Canary's candles and products are...

- Natural Scents (Organic Scent and Chakra Collections)
- Cruelty-Free (and not tested on animals)
- Non-Toxic
- Amazing
- Australian Made

Now let's look into some specifics you might be interested in.

The waxes

Lemon Canary's creamy soy wax blends can change throughout the year depending on weather conditions and raw ingredient availability.

The wax we use for each product is listed on the product page in our online store. There are some products you can select the wax you prefer. You can also make a special request for the wax you prefer.

- 100% Soy Wax (Vegan), LC Soy Wax Blend (Vegan) & Coconut Wax + Soy Wax Blend (Vegan)
- 100% Beeswax and Beeswax + Soy Wax Blend when available (Not vegan and we use what we have available from our own chemical free beehives)
- Cruelty-free and not tested on animals
- Non-toxic
- Clean burning

500g pouch of Lemon Canary natural soy wax for candlemaking

The essential oils

The essential oils we source and use in our essential oil scented candles, organic essential oil blends, body mists, body oils and bath salts are 100% pure and organic whenever possible. Organic ingredients give certainty when sourcing the purest and most natural essential oils that are produced with minimal human intervention.

Some essential oils are not available with an organic certification and sometimes a certified organic essential oil does not meet our standards. There are also times of the year some organic essential oils are unavailable and we will substitute with the best possible option when this occurs.

Here's 2 non-certified organic essential oils we use...

- May Chang
- Myrrh

> Visit the Lemon Canary Scent Guide... click here

The candle wicks

Lemon Canary natural fibre candle wicks are designed specifically for our natural wax blends. These premium wicks are lead-free and zinc-free.

The botanicals and flowers

All the botanicals and flowers used in Lemon Canary candles and products are organic. Some of our organically farmed botanicals include...

- Rose petals (Organic)
- Rosebuds (Organic)
- Heather flower (Organic)
- Cornflowers (Organic)
- Lavender flowers (Organic)
- Jasmine flowers (Organic)
- and other organic seasonal flowers.

The crystals

All the crystals we use at Lemon Canary are selected by hand and ethically sourced. We do not buy crystals in bulk sight unseen. We personally check and select crystals to find the most beautiful pieces for our crystal candles (decorated candles with crystals in them).

- The Meaning & Intention List For Crystals, Botanicals & Embellishments (with Photos) 

Aphrodite crystal soy candle bowl scented with Love, an organic essential oil blend

The ceramic bowls

Lemon Canary's ceramic bowls are all handmade by amazing ceramists. Our candle bowls with a gold edge use a real gold lustre and receive a 3rd firing. You can reuse these bowls too. If your bowl has a gold edge and you would like to reuse it, make sure you hand wash only. Do not put it in the dishwasher.

The glassware

All Lemon Canary glass vessels and bottles are reusable and recyclable. If you wish to reuse any glassware just wash with warm water and castile soap.

Please note that coloured glass containers when washed may experience wear or a lightening in colour over time so its best not to use a scourer or anything abrasive to clean with.

The organic tea

All of Lemon Canary's tea ingredients are organic and vegan.

The packaging

We package our products with love. A lot of thought goes into the experience you get when opening your Lemon Canary package. We do this with the environment in mind and wherever possible we use recycled and sustainable materials. Even our glitter is food safe and biodegradable.

Please note that we often reuse packaging materials from other local businesses. So if you ever see styrofoam or something similar in our parcels please know we have not purchased this, we are only seeking to reuse this waste wherever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can any plant-based vegetable wax including soy wax and coconut wax be classed as organic?

No, due to the hydrogenation process by which soy and coconut wax are made we could not class any vegetable based wax product as organic but we can call the end product 100% natural.

Hydrogenation involves bubbling hydrogen gas through an oil under pressure and high temperatures with a nickel catalyst present. This process turns the unsaturated fats into saturated fats and produces a solid waxy substance at room temperature.

Are all Lemon Canary products vegan?

All Lemon Canary products are vegan except for the following items...

1. Candles that have beeswax in the wax blend
2. Nougat and chocolate in our gift hampers

Do any Lemon Canary fragrance oils or products contain phthalates?

No, none of our fragrance oils or products contains any Phthalates.

Does Lemon Canary use GMO-free soy wax?

To our knowledge, GMO-free soy wax does not exist in commercial quantities. The company that started the "GMO-Free Soy Wax" claim was very clever. In their small print they stated that there are no GMO ingredients added to the wax. But the truth is the original soy beans (not soy wax) are a GMO crop. About 96% of soy bean crops in the world are GMO. A lot of companies have copied this claim either out of ignorance or just to stay competitive because other are making a claim which is not correct.

Why does my candle seem to be sweating on the surface? Is this a problem?

This is a common and normal occurrence with natural wax candles especially when fragranced with pure essential oils. Humid weather conditions can make the sweating even more noticeable but your candle will perform exactly as it was designed.

Despite the best efforts of a master candle maker sweating may occur. So enjoy your candle in the knowledge that it's truly natural.

Are there any nut-based ingredients in Lemon Canary products?

No. Now even our organic body and massage oils contain no nut based ingredients.

In some of our gift hampers we do include handmade chocolate and nougat which may contain nuts.

Can Lemon Canary candles and products be used when you're pregnant or might be pregnant?

If you are pregnant and especially if you're in your first trimester we do not recommend directly using any essential oils.

Some of our products are directly applied to your skin, like our Organic Body Oils. Other products such as our natural wax candles don't come into contact with the skin and are therefore a much lower risk.

Even though all our products are used differently we are doing our very best to look after all those mummas and mummas to be.

Please do your own research and ensure you are confident the products you use are safe if you are pregnant.

Why is Rosemary essential oil NOT widely used in Lemon Canary candles or products?

There are some essential oils which should be avoided altogether if you are pregnant or might be pregnant... and Rosemary is at the top of that list.

My container candle has what looks like air bubbles or wet spots on the side of the glass. What's going on?

The air bubbles which look like wet spots are created due to the adhesion between the wax and the glass vessel being affected by temperature changes when the candle is made, stored or during transportation.

You will only notice this effect on candles in clear glass and you will see this very common effect even on some of the most expensive candle brands in the world despite their best efforts and the use of special additives in their wax blends to reduce the possibility of this happening.

While we can do our best to reduce this aesthetic effect by a number of ways including preheating candle containers before pouring, it is impossible to stop because so many variables are out of our control.

We are committed to using the most natural waxes available so this effect will continue to happen and is often just part of owning a really natural candle.

Palm wax... does Lemon Canary use it?

No, we don't at this stage. We have played with palm waxes before and we do have a little bit in our studio for testing and research purposes. But we, like many people, have some serious environmental concerns about the way palm oil and palm wax is farmed and produced. Palm wax is one of the best waxes available for making candles so we hope this situation changes one day in the future.

We are very keen to start supporting some of the poorest communities in the world who are getting involved in sustainable palm oil production. We applaud the work done by the WWF (Worldwide Fund For Nature) in helping to start the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). These are all wonderful developments but we must act in line with our values and the expectations of our customers.

Yes, we can buy palm oils and waxes from RSPO certified suppliers and although these suppliers may be better than some, we cannot support palm wax because we and our customers want 100% sustainable palm oil. Getting palm oil that is 100% guaranteed sustainable and ethically sourced has not been possible for us yet.

Yes, there are certification programs in place and if a logo is all we wanted we'd be in, but we just can't support this industry yet. RSPO have different member tiers and in most cases, producers only have to show some of their produce is from sustainable farming, not all, which seriously undermines the integrity of the system.

I hope one day soon we can start using palm wax that is sustainably produced and friendly to the environment.

Where are the beeswax candles on your website?

Lemon Canary has sold 100% organic beeswax candles. Unfortunately, there is a major shortage of truly organic beeswax from local and trusted chemical free beehives. When it's available and there is a surplus of high quality beeswax available from our organic beehives we use it in some of our candle wax blends. You can read more about our use of beeswax in a blog article called, "Chemical-Free Aussie Beekeeper Cautions Beeswax Candle Users… Learn What High Demand For Local Beeswax Is Doing To The Bees.", by clicking here.

Yes, you can buy so-called organic beeswax on eBay, Gumtree, hardware stores and even beekeeping product supply shops. Due to local shortages, much of this supply is from China and is very rarely 100% beeswax. When it is 100% beeswax it will most often have chemical traces due to the chemicals that are used in beehives overseas to combat pests and diseases in bee colonies.

The beeswax from a very large local hardware chain was recently tested by the Australian Honeybee Industry Council (AHIC) and shown to have 85% paraffin wax in it. The are major challenges with sourcing good beeswax and because of this problem counterfeits have entered the market. It's very difficult to guarantee our customers a very high standard of beeswax. That's why we use our own chemical free beehives.

Where are Lemon Canary candles made?

Every Lemon Canary candle is handmade slowly in our Australian studio with care, love and attention to detail. None of our manufacturing is outsourced, we do it all and love making for you.

Our journey to here is only the beginning. We are always searching for more natural and sustainable alternatives that offer you even healthier products. If you have any more questions please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.



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