Where’s the emoji for delicious purring yumminess? Because that’s the one that perfectly sums up Lemon Canary’s range. The heavenly scents that drift through the air, lighting up your soul. The delightful handmade packaging, the whole-hearted intentions. You can *feel* the love, care and attention that has been poured into every single product.

Get your hands onto a Lemon Canary creation right now to experience the divine bliss for yourself.

Tahlee Rouillon



I have Lemon Canary candles scattered throughout my house, on different days I'll burn Love, Meditate or Happy. As a Doctor and Naturopath it's important to me that candles are non-toxic. I love that these are made from pure soy, organic essential oils and with the intention of love and healing. Divine.

Dr Rach

Doctor & Naturopath


Lemon Canary is my go-to for all things beautiful and luxurious. From events, to clients, to my mastermind girls and personal gifting, Lemon Canary is who I turn too first for that special gift.

With so many premium quality products made with love and intention, you won't short of ideas for what to give - or even keep for yourself ;)!

Jade McKenzie

Founder, Event Head


It sounds a little crazy to say that lighting a Lemon Canary candle makes me happy, but it truly does.

Each room of my house is filled with the beautiful scent of one of these gorgeous pure soy candles. Choosing a signature scent is impossible as the combinations are endless. You can definitely feel the love in each one. I adore the packaging and the individual touch that Lemon Canary gives to each and every order means I am confident ordering and sending gifts straight to friends or clients without having to receive the gift first and sending it on. The range of products is wonderful and caters for corporate or personal. Lemon Canary is my go to every time. Thank you... you have created a gorgeous business and I wish you all the success that your hard work and talent deserves.

Shelley Craft

Channel 9


I’m a self confessed candle addict and my Lemon Canary candles are my absolute favourites!

Dr Nat Kringoudis

Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, Author, Speaker and all-round natural fertility expert