I truly adore Lemon Canary’s beautiful handcrafted products – all consciously created with passion + high-quality artisanal skill from Jasmin. The Chakra range and organic mists are exquisite! I love spritzing them on me and to freshen up my coaching space. The candles are next level. In fact, I’ve experienced most of the LC range – it’s all amazing. And could there be a more gracious creator of these beautiful products? I think not. Jasmin, you are divine!

Janelle Ledwidge, Certified Life + Business Coach

Lemon Canary is my absolute favourite store to buy gifts for my clients, friends and (shhhh) myself. The candles are divine, the crystals beautiful, the oils sensational, the gift packs luxurious, and don’t even get me started on the delicious chocolate and tea! Plus every time I open a package from Lemon Canary, I can feel the intention and heart that Jasmin has put into the creation. Thank you Jasmin for spreading love and joy around the world – and in my world.

Naomi Arnold – Business + Life Passion Coach

Lighting a Lemon Canary candle is like having Jas herself in your home. To know Jasmin is to know why her products are so superior and special – you know that each and every pour she does, she does with the intention of creating something special and magical for the person who will light it, and that’s what you sense and feel when the wick catches. I’ve gifted loved ones Lemon Canary products, and each and every person who has received them has said something about how special they felt to receive it – and that is the point of a gift, isn’t it? That the recipient feels special and loved. Whether it be a gift for someone else, or something I’ve gifted myself, it is a gift of love, not a product – from Jas’ heart to yours.

Rachael Jansen, Journalist
Kate Caddle Portrait

Jasmin is quite possibly the most generous person I have ever met, and has the most beautifully kind heart, that she pours into every product she creates. Lemon Canary products are so abundant in every possible way, they are such a joy to have inside my home. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a room in my house that isn’t graced with Lemon Canary treasures! 

Kate Caddle – Life Coach, Speaker, Writer

Lemon Canary is my go-to for all things beautiful and luxurious. From events, to clients, to my mastermind girls and personal gifting, Lemon Canary is who I turn too first for that special gift.

With so many premium quality products made with love and intention, you won’t short of ideas for what to give – or even keep for yourself ;)!

Jade McKenzie, Founder, Event Head
Shelly Craft Portrait

It sounds a little crazy to say that lighting a Lemon Canary candle makes me happy, but it truly does.
Each room of my house is filled with the beautiful scent of one of these gorgeous pure soy candles. Choosing a signature scent is impossible as the combinations are endless. You can definitely feel the love in each one. I adore the packaging and the individual touch that Lemon Canary gives to each and every order means I am confident ordering and sending gifts straight to friends or clients without having to receive the gift first and sending it on. The range of products is wonderful and caters for corporate or personal. Lemon Canary is my go to every time. Thank you Jasmin, you have created a gorgeous business and I wish you all the success that your hard work and talent deserves.

Shelley Craft – Channel 9
Emma Mildon Portrait

If you need a chakra fix, or a crystal check up, or even a soul aid kit then Lemon Canary has your soul covered. Their chakra oils are always on me, and her products are an essential part of my wellbeing rituals.

Emma Mildon, bestselling author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook and Evolution of Goddess
Susana Frioni Portrait

Anything created by Jasmin of Lemon Canary is guaranteed to be infused with a whole lotta love, meaning and magic. She’s a true master of her craft and an absolute joy to collaborate with.

Susana Frioni

Where’s the emoji for delicious purring yumminess? Because that’s the one that perfectly sums up Lemon Canary’s range. The heavenly scents that drift through the air, lighting up your soul. The delightful handmade packaging, the whole-hearted intentions. You can *feel* the love, care and attention that has been poured into every single product.

Get your hands onto a Lemon Canary creation right now to experience the divine bliss for yourself.

Tahlee Rouillon – Sonesence

I came upon Jasmin’s delightful tea lights at the first Soul Sister Circle event I went to in March 2015. I loved them so much, I jumped on line and ordered more! To my delight, I discovered I was able to visit the Lemon Canary workshop, so off I toddled and was immersed in a world of delightful aromas and warm energy. Jasmin is an authentic, warm, generous, kind, caring, creative woman who always has time for a hug and a chat when you visit, and her presence is very yin (feminine), so I always leave feeling nurtured. Lemon Canary products are ethical, and made with love and intent, and Jasmin is always working on new products and happy to accommodate her customers as best she can. They are the perfect gift for friends, family, clients and of course, me!

Rosa Palermo – Health & Wellness Coach
Miriam Ter Borg Portrait

What really impresses me about the beautiful products that Jasmin has brought together for us all to enjoy is the integrity Jasmin holds for the quality of her products. You can feel it in the energy of Lemon Canary as a brand, smell it in the candles, see it in the care that is taken in the presentation.

The other aspect of Lemon Canary that I love is the innovation and creativity that is introduced into all the products – Jasmin is a true leader in the industry.

Miriam Ter Borg
Tara Bliss Portrait

Be still my beating heart.  The packaging, the attention to detail, the softness of these products. The eco-consciousness, the hand-made-ness. I could go on and on. French Rosemary, Lemon and Cedarwood join forces in a fierce and freeing way, and I LOVE that the crystals that accompany these scented candles have been lovingly programmed with the intentions. Could Lemon Canary be any more divine? A must-have piece that sits central on my altar.

Tara Bliss – Spirit Stoked Mentor

We burnt Lemon Canary candles at our special launch event on Gold Coast. The ambience in the room was completely stunning, but the smell! I don’t know how she does it, but Jas creates the most exquisite smelling candles of any one I know! Add to that the gorgeous vintage boutique styling, the beautiful intentions and the little personal touches and I’m a raving Lemon Canary fan.

Bec Van Leeuwen

I have Lemon Canary candles scattered throughout my house, on different days I’ll burn Love, Meditate or Happy. As a Doctor and Naturopath it’s important to me that candles are non-toxic. I love that these are made from pure soy, organic essential oils and with the intention of love and healing. Divine.

Dr Rach – Doctor & Naturopath
Julie Parker Portrait

I absolutely adore the authentic beauty and intention that goes into every Lemon Canary product. The candles fill my home with scented joy and the chocolate – well – that just brings me joy! I also regularly use Lemon Canary as a go to site for client gifts all of which are lovingly wrapped and delivered. Thank you for the gifting beauty you bring to the world…

Julie Parker – CEO and Founder Beautiful You Coaching Academy
Dr Nat Kringoudis Portrait

I’m a self confessed candle addict and my Lemon Canary candles are my absolute favourites!

Dr Nat Kringoudis – Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, Author, Speaker and all-round natural fertility expert
Emma Newby Portrait

My home is filled with Lemon Canary, the love that is filtered into these special candles is undeniable. From the packaging to the love note and everything in between, I can’t help but smile opening a delivery from Jasmin, her handmade and handpicked products are something really special.

Emma Newby

It is no secret that Lemon Canary Candles make my heart sing. Not only do the blissful scents fill my home with love and joy, but the loving intention that Jasmin puts behind each piece is what truly makes these candles special.

Whether it’s a candle lit at my desk, an uplifting scent filling my home throughout the day, or the romantic light softly floating around my home at night – not a day goes by where there isn’t a little Lemon Canary in my life.

Amelia Williams – Nurture & Shine/Life + Wellness Coach
Che Johnson

One, Lemon Canary products are to die for! Seriously, the candles smell edible, but they’re not. Warning: do not try to eat the candles! Two, Jasmin is an absolute delight to work with. She is the perfect blend of warmth and professionalism. She exudes an energy and passion that is so clearly infused into her beautiful products.

Che Johnson