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The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Australians

We know “every day should be Valentine’s Day” in Australia, but the reality is… It’s not. Most days are just normal days. And, when we’re busy with work, studies, and family, romance can sometimes, unintentionally, get pushed to the side. That’s why we love Valentine’s Day! It’s a special day where you can remind your partner that they’re pretty great.

However, finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be an overwhelming task. Chances are, you’re reading this because you’re doing some research to find an amazing and thoughtful gift — good for you! We’ve created a small list of our three best-selling Valentine’s Day gifts to help you. They’re romantic, not-cheesy, in stock, and ready to deliver ASAP so they get to you before February 14 (if you order soon!).

All our products are handmade by us and exclusive to Lemon Canary. You won’t find them anywhere else, and that makes them even more special. This Valentine’s Day, we’ve got romantic gift hampers, handmade candles, luxurious bath salts, and a beautiful selection of personalised Valentine’s Day gifts.

2023 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Love Box Gift Hamper

First up, our Love Box Gift Hamper. This one is a huge hit every year, and we change it up slightly each year to keep your receiver guessing. It’s immaculately presented and has free shipping within Australia!

This luxury gift box is lovingly designed to encourage your partner and show them you care. It’s created with the beautiful products from our organic ‘Love’ range and includes:

1 x Gift Box and Gold Polka Dot Card

1 x ‘Love’ Vintage Jar Soy Wax Candle

1 x Wick Trimmer

1 x ‘Love’ Hand Blended Organic Tea

1 x Tea Infuser

1 x ‘Love’ Gem Infused Body & Room Mist

1 x ‘Love’ Bath Salts

1 x Rose Quartz Stone (The Love Stone)

1 x Luxury Nougat Rose & Pistachio

2. Love Massage & Body Oil

Lemon Canary’s Love Massage & Body Oil is made from a specialty house blend of organic rose otto, ylang ylang, orange, and patchouli essential oils.

We exclusively use the finest organic essential oils and body oils to create this rich yet light blend. The oil carries a heavenly scent and leaves skin feeling smooth and supple. Your partner can use it directly on the skin as a moisturiser, as a massage agent, or add it to the bath for a water-imbued experience.

This oil is available in a 100ML bottle, but it’s so popular that we’ve also created a 1L version! The 100ML bottle is the perfect gift size for your partner this Australian Valentine’s Day and comes in a beautiful calico pouch.

3. Petite Soy Candle Bowl

Our Petite Soy Candle Bowl is perhaps what Lemon Canary is most famous for. It’s popular year-round but is especially in-demand in the lead up Valentine’s Day. The good news is, each candle is made-to-order — not mass-produced — so we never run out of stock.

This beautiful soy wax candle in hand poured into a stunning little handmade ceramic bowl. No two bowls are the same and each has a captivating but subtle organic shape, handcrafted with love and attention to detail. Once the candle’s 20+ hour burn time is finished, the bowl can be reused for another candle or as a unique ornamental bowl.

This candle can also be deeply personalised. Choose your bowl type, essential oil scent blend, and add a range of embellishments to your final candle. These include petals, crystals, citrine chips, rose dust, and many more. You can also have your soy wax candle gift wrapped in a calico bag and add a gift card with a personalised message. Sending it to someone special who lives far away? We’ll send to directly to them on your behalf.

Finally, it’s all packed in a cute little white box to protect each precious piece.

Explore the full Australian Valentine’s Day collection.

These are our three favourite and more popular Valentine’s Day items, but we have many more available. Browse the full collection here and enjoy spoiling your significant other this Valentine’s Day. If you need help with anything, feel free to contact us.

When is Black Friday in 2022?    

We’re all excited about Christmas, but before that, we’ve got Black Friday on our minds. Celebrated by shoppers everywhere, Black Friday is hitting Australia online and in stores on Friday, the 25th of November, 2022. This is your chance to bag some absolute bargains — it’s also an opportunity that many take to get heaps of Christmas shopping done.  

Sales on basically every item are up for grabs. From furniture to renovations, linens to kid’s toys, clothing, décor, and much more, almost every store goes nuts with the sales on this day! If you’ve been eyeing a certain item, see if you can hold out a little longer as there’s a good chance you’ll get in on sale this November.  

Where did Black Friday come from? 

An overview. 

Black Friday originated in the United States in the 1960s as the Friday follows Thanksgiving. It traditionally marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. Many stores offer highly promoted sales at discounted prices, and some extend their opening hours. Some stores continue their sales to Monday — this is known as Cyber Monday or Cyber Weekend. Australia joined the Black Friday party much later, but now it’s something we look forward to every year.  

The myth.  

But, why is it called “black Friday”? Many believe the term comes from the concept that businesses operating at a financial loss are “in the red”. These massive sales finally allow them to turn a profit, or put them “in the black.” It’s a good underpinning concept, but actually untrue in terms of the day’s historical roots.  

What really happened… 

In reality, the term dates back to the 1960s in Philadelphia. Early on in this decade, police officers were using the phrase “Black Friday” to describe the chaos that ensued when suburban tourists overran the city to begin their holiday shopping. Sometimes, attendance at Saturday’s annual Army-Navy football game was also a factor. The huge crowds created a headache for the police and they had to work longer shifts to accommodate the onslaught of people. They were dealing with increased traffic jams, car accidents, shoplifting, and petty theft, and the day became known in the area as “Black Friday”.  

However, the increase in local tourism also meant that merchants’ sales soared. Business owners began putting on crazy sales to entice shoppers further and eventually looked forward to Black Friday each year, knowing it would hugely support their profits. Over time, the tradition began to spread to neighbouring suburbs, cities, states, and eventually the world — and the red vs black shopping myth took over! 

We’ve got you covered this Black Friday.  

We’re letting you know a little early, but yes — we’re having huge candle sales! Make sure you visit our website on the 25th of November, 2022 for savings across all our items — including our popular personalised candle bowls, gift hampers, and Christmas range. Buy something for yourself, or get ahead of your Christmas shopping.  

Personalised & Custom Candle Labels For Gifting, Events Or Your Brand

Would you like a custom label for your Lemon Canary handmade personalised soy candle or private label soy candle?

We’ve got you covered!

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