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The Lemon Canary Scent Guide

Welcome! This guide is designed to help you find the Lemon Canary scent you’ll love most.

With our exclusive scents we make handmade products including natural candles, organic essential oils, organic body & room mists, natural perfumes, reed scent diffusers and more.

If you want an amazing scent made from only 100% pure and organic essential oils (no fragrant oils) please choose from the Organic Scent Collection or the Rainbow Organic Scent Collection. Have fun!

What Type Of Scents Do You Love…

  • Sweet?  Try… Swan, Toucan, Summer Solstice, Cuckoo, Fantail, Hummingbird
  • Fruity?  Try… Happy*, Meadowlark, Phoenix, Fairy Wren, Partridge, Flamingo
  • Floral?  Try… Swan, Finch, Grateful*, Love*, Spring Equinox, Lovebird
  • Woody?  Try… Meditate*, Little Owl, Autumn Equinox, 5 Truth*
  • Refreshing?  Try… Australia*, Winter Rescue*, Messenger, Dinner Party*, Meadowlark
  • Calming? Try… Dream*, Meditate*, Winter Solstice

*100% pure and organic essential oil scents.

The Organic Scent Collection

100% pure and organic essential oil scents.

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Should Everyone Switch Over To Natural Perfume?

Did you know that more than all other senses, scent is associated with memory?

The entire fragrance industry has been built on the emotional connections we have to scents and all of the memories that are evoked. 

It is one of the major reasons why Chanel No. 5 has been the world’s top-selling perfume for 98 years. However, there is a major turning point within the beauty industry upon us.

The current clean beauty movement, one that used to be viewed as a niche trend in the past, has changed how beauty products are perceived.

Enter natural perfumes

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How To Use Organic Essential Oils

The life force of a plant is said to be contained in the essential oil. In some cases it takes bucket fulls of blossoms to extract a mere teaspoon of essential oil. When used correctly, each essential oil has it’s own healing effect on the body. When used incorrectly essential oils can do harm so please always follow the instructions and advice provided.

Here’s the most common and effective ways to use organic essential oils. All these methods are not suitable for every essential oil or blend so check the product information for the best method of use for that specific oil before you get started…

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