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Our Bestselling Handmade Soy Candles

We’re so proud to have a vast collection of soy wax candles available. But, we also know this can make the decision-making process difficult for our wonderful online shoppers. To make things easier for you, we’ve collated our top five best-selling soy candles. These are our most popular essential oil candles, with many people buying multiples at a time or coming back every month for more. As always, every candle we make is sustainable, cruelty-free, and handmade using biodegradable soy wax.

Keep reading to see what all the fuss is about.

For brands

What’s the purpose of a corporate candle?

Really, it’s whatever purpose you like! We have many repeat customers who regularly engage us for their events and general business happenings. Aside from a luxury scent, your branded soy candle promotes your company’s logo and is a subtle way to build audience familiarity with the brand.

Here are some examples:

·        Real estate agents putting their branded candles in home opens.

·        Custom candles for weddings including the couple’s name.

·        Fundraising events with the cause name on the label.

·        Shopfronts with a lot of foot traffic place their candle and logo on their pay counter.

·        Businesses who regularly give hampers to their clients.

1. Glass soy corporate candle

Lemon Canary’s custom-made private label candles are perfect for your brand, event, or corporate gifting. Even though they’re handcrafted by us, it’s your logo on the label! Thoughtfully designed to cater to your audience, you can order as many as you like, starting with a minimum order of 24 soy wax candles per scent. As this is a business-to-business partnership, you also get 50% off the retail price.

2. Tin travel soy corporate candle

Our beautiful and unique travel tin candle is another winner for brands and event. Like our other corporate package, business owners enjoy 50% off the retail price with minimum purchase of 24 soy wax candles. The 110ml tins come with a custom branded logo so your branding takes centre stage, and have a captivating gold finish. They make a great gift or décor option for events, as well as client favours.

For individuals

1. Personalised soy wax candle

This candle is kind of similar to our corporate soy candle, but caters to individuals rather than businesses. Our highly popular personalised soy candle is ideal for gifting — the perfect present for Mother’s Day, a friend’s birthday, wedding, baby shower, or other big event. Choose your essential oil candle combination of scent, vessel, crystals, botanicals and custom label for a truly bespoke gifting experience.

2. Personalised soy wax candle bowl

Our luxurious soy candle bowls are everything you love about our jar and tin candles, but bigger! Delivered in a stunning organic-shaped handmade bowl, these candles demand attention and act as a piece of art as well as a candle. Coming in at 16cm wide, these go through a rigorous crafting process that takes four days. The process includes hand firing, moulding, scenting, pouring, and embellishing. Choose your bowl and scent for a custom essential oil candle that’ll be treasured by your heart and home.

3. Soy candle-making kit

Wondering how to make candles? As much as we adore doing it ourselves, we love it when our customers get into the art of candle-making too! That’s why we created our much-loved soy candle-making kit. This huge bundle is packed with everything you need. You can even enjoy your own small candle business — no candle-making experience necessary! If you want to learn how to make candles, this is the place to start.

Shop online

Explore the whole collection online and see what Lemon Canary has to offer. Happy shopping!

What’s so good about essential oil candles?

It’s no secret that candles have some kind of soothing superpower. Even without an aroma, the soft glow and flickering flame are calming and mesmerising, naturally lowing stress levels.

Add a scent to the to the mix, and you’re relaxing experience is even more enriching. But, what’s the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils? And are essential oils really better? 

Let’s talk basics 

Candles can be either scented or unscented. Scented ones get their aroma from fragrance oils or essential oils. They might smell similar — perhaps even identical — but there are significant differences.  


Fragrance oils don’t deliver any health benefits, they just smell nice. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Many people are quite happy to have a candle that smells absolutely wonderful, but others are looking for a one that goes the extra mile… 

Essential Oils 

Essential oils are a concentrated oil derived directly from organic plant material. That means they’re completely natural, and contain the strongest, authentic scents of that particular plant. Nature is a giver, and through essential oils, we receive restorative, relaxing benefits that can be delivered aromatically through a candle. Inhalation is one of the quickest ways to have a calming effect on your nervous system. 

Essential oils at Lemon Canary 

Our 100% essential oil scented candles are made from the finest pure and organic essential oils. To create the most natural and healthy candle possible, absolutely no fragrance oils are added to our essential oil candle scents. This makes them very unique as most essential oil candles have fragrance oils added (even though that is not often mentioned). Plus, our essential oil candles are lovingly handmade, sustainable, cruelty-free and the wicks are lead and zinc free.  

Explore our range of essential oil candles for yourself — our current favourites are Classic Votive Soy Candle and Gold Tin Candle.  

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The Lemon Canary Scent Guide

Welcome to Lemon Canary’s scent guide!

This guide is designed to help you find the Lemon Canary scent you’ll love most.

With our exclusively blended scents we make handmade products including natural scented soy candles, organic essential oils, organic body & room mists, natural perfumes, reed diffusers and more.

If you want an amazing scent made from only 100% pure and organic essential oils (no fragrant oils) please choose from the Organic Scent Collection or the Rainbow Organic Scent Collection or look for the asterisk (*) next to the listed scent.

Have fun!

What Type Of Scents Do You Love…

  • Sweet? Try… Swan, Toucan, Summer Solstice, Cuckoo, Fantail and Hummingbird.
  • Fruity? Try… Happy*, Meadowlark, Phoenix, Fairy Wren, Partridge and Flamingo.
  • Floral? Try… Swan, Finch, Grateful*, Love*, Spring Equinox and Lovebird.
  • Woody? Try… Meditate*, Little Owl, Autumn Equinox and 5 Truth*.
  • Refreshing? Try… Australia*, Winter Rescue*, Messenger, Dinner Party*, Meadowlark and Waxwing.
  • Calming, Restful and Relaxing? Try… Dream*, Meditate*, Winter Solstice and Little Owl.
  • Bakery & Food? Try… Hummingbird, Coffee, Chocolate and Chai.
  • Don’t Like Vanilla? These might change your mind. Try… Cuckoo and Partridge.

*100% pure and organic essential oil scents.

The Organic Scent Collection

100% pure and organic essential oil scents.
In candle wax, this natural type of scent is light and quite subtle. ‘Happy’ is the lightest of these scents.

Click on a scent to view the collection.Read More

How To Create Beautiful Organic Essential Oil Blends For Natural Soy Candles

Creating beautiful natural candle scents using organic essential oils is an art. We love it! Everyone is very different so don’t be surprised if what you love is different to what your friends love. This makes creating scents for everyone a challenge but in your home it all comes down to what you love.

In this article you’ll find some tips and principles we use at Lemon Canary when creating 100% pure and organic scents for our natural essential oil soy candles and other organic products. Hopefully you find this info interesting and helpful.Read More

Private Label, Cleanskin & White Label At Lemon Canary

Are you looking for a maker of custom made cleanskin and private label candles, essential oils and body mists for your brand or event?

At Lemon Canary we have 1000’s of possibilities allowing you to create candles, essential oils and other products that are unique and special. Your customers will love our individual, thoughtful, personal and beautiful creations.

Here’s more information to help you decide if your brand and Lemon Canary are a match made in heaven.

What is a private label, cleanskin or white label product at Lemon Canary?

Cleanskin candles and products are also referred to as white label products. They are soy candles, essential oils, body mists, natural perfumes, soy wax melts and other products that are supplied with no label so you can apply your own. The other option is private labelling.

Private label candles and products are those we attach a customers own unique label to.

With our cleanskin and private label service you can create a custom product as unique as you are.

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