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Are DoTerra Essential Oils Used To Scent Lemon Canary’s Soy Wax Candles?

Handmade ceramic candle bowls with soy wax and scented with organic essential oils

We’ve been asked so many times lately if our natural scented soy wax candles are scented with DoTerra essential oils. So I thought I’d write a blog article to answer this question because you might be very interested to hear the answer.

DoTerra is a multi-level marketing company that has done a great job in Australia of introducing 1000’s of people to the benefits of using essential oils at home for healthier living. I have many great friends and customers who use and love DoTerra products. The passion and enthusiasm DoTerra people have for the world of aromatherapy is inspiring and exciting.

So the big question is… do we use DoTerra essential oils to make Lemon Canary natural soy wax candles?

The short answer is no (but yes by special request). Our commitment is that every possible essential oil we use is approved as Australian Certified Organic (ACO). DoTerra products are currently not Certified Organic in Australia so we only use DoTerra essential oils by special request. DoTerra do have their own internal company standard for purity and sustainability which is brilliant… love it!

For our business we just need more than DoTerra’s own standard in order to offer the assurances and guarantees to our customers that the oils we provide are the most pure and sustainably sourced available eg. 3rd party testing, organic certification, transparency of sustainability etc. But that’s not to say DoTerra isn’t a fantastic product because it absolutely is.

We have DoTerra essential oils at Lemon Canary (we don’t sell them) and we will happily make your special DoTerra candle requests just how you like it. OnGuard soy candle anyone? It’s easy, just get in touch by sending us an email.

At Lemon Canary we love sharing the knowledge and tips we have learnt over the years at our super fun candle making workshops. One of our favourite workshops is just for DoTerra lovers. We invite DoTerra fans to bring their favourite essential oils and learn how to make natural soy candles with them.

You can use any of your DoTerra essential oils to make amazing and beautiful scented candles. There is a school of thought amongst some DoTerra customers and a few diffuser companies that essential oils might not give their best therapeutic benefits when used with the heat of a candle. Sunlight and heat definitely affect essential oils in terms of there effective storage longevity however many oils are created by steam distillation which is hot! So many essential oils are made with a lot of heat, it makes perfect sense that it could be used with heat. Also, a candle only applies heat at the final point of use. I love candles, so of course thats what a candle maker would say right? This is just my opinion based on my own experience and research. Do your own research and let us know what you find.

If you feel like heating essential oils at the point of use in a candle is not for you but you love essential oil candles in your home… here’s an idea. Perhaps just use your steam distilled Doterra essential oils (that were made with heat) for making candles and don’t use your cold pressed oils. For us at Lemon Canary we use both cold pressed and steam distilled certified organic essential oils with amazing results but I recommend to do what makes you feel most comfortable.

At Lemon Canary we love our DoTerra friends. We’re looking forward to making lots more special request DoTerra essential oil candles for you and hopefully we’ll see you at a workshop soon.

The Lemon Canaries xo