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Essential Oil Reed Diffusers – 200ml Clear Glass, 24+ Scents, Black or Natural Reed Sticks


Freshen your home or space with our lovely scented reed diffusers. We make these in Australia at our studio. You can select a 100% organic essential oil scent or a scent with a combination of essential oils and fine fragrance oils. Each reed diffuser is blended with love and housed in a gorgeous glass bottle. Just insert the bamboo diffuser reed sticks to release the beautiful scent. And to increase the intensity of the scent, rotate the sticks regularly.

Lemon Canary’s scented reed diffusers contain an environmentally friendly diffuser base. The base is an eco-solvent derived from plant feedstocks. It contains NO VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and is classed as non-flammable. It’s the safest, most effective diffuser base we can find but we always recommend keeping out of reach of children.

We have reed diffuser refill bottles and replacement reed diffuser sticks are also available.

Scent Note: All scents with an asterisk (*) contain 100% pure and organic essential oils. In candle wax, this natural type of scent is in most cases lighter and quite subtle. ‘Happy’ is the lightest of these scents. The scents with no asterix contain a combination of pure essential oils and fragrance oils which give them a more powerful aroma.

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Australia* | Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle, Niaouli & Sandalwood, Dinner Party* | May Chang, Basil & Lime, Dream* | Lavender, Chamomile & Frankincense, Grateful* | Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lime & Rose Otto, Happy* | Wild Orange, Clary Sage & Lemon, Love* | Rose Otto, Ylang Ylang, Orange & Patchouli, Meditate* | Cedarwood, Frankincense, Lavender & Myrrh, Mystique* | Sweet Orange, Juniperberry, Sandalwood & Cinnamon Bark, Summer Solstice | Coconut, Mango & Lime, Autumn Equinox | Sandalwood, Ginger, Pine & Orange, Winter Solstice | Pine, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon, Ginger & Earl Grey, Spring Equinox | Jasmine, Violet, Rose, Ginger, Iris & Evergreen, Crane | White Tea & Black Pepper, Cuckoo | Sweet Pea & Vanilla Pod, Dove | Pure Vanilla (Contains fine fragrant oil only), Eagle | West Indian Bay Rum, Fairy Wren | Peach Nectar & Tasmanian Honey, Fantail | Turkish Delight & Rose, Finch | Vintage Gardenia, Flamingo | Queensland Pineapple, Cocos & White Frangipani, Honeyeater | Mango, Rose Otto & Ginger Root, Hummingbird | Italian Lemon & Shortbread, Little Owl | Sandalwood & Japanese Citrus, Meadowlark | Fresh Cut Lemongrass, Messenger | Night Jasmine & Mint, Partridge | French Pear & Vanilla Bean (Contains fine fragrant oil only), Phoenix | Cloudberry & Clementine, Swan | Peony & Marshmallow, Toucan | Tahitian Coconut & Fresh Lime, Waxwing | Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Whistler | Violet & Lemon, “I’d like a different scent from your Scent Guide.” | Please type name in 'Order Notes' at checkout.

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Black, Natural

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Gold, Rose Gold

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  1. John Johns (verified owner)

    very happy with this top quality “reed defuser” the reeds work perfectly, wicking up the beautiful essential oil. thank you again ‘Lemon Canary’

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