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Private Label / White Label Classic Votive Soy Candle – Plain or Embellished. For Your Brand or Event. Choose Your Vessel, Wax, Scent & Box.


Lemon Canary’s custom made private label candles are perfect for your brand, event or corporate gifting. Your customers will love these individual, thoughtful, personal and beautiful soy candles. There is a small minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 24 candles per scent. This is a discreet service and we respect our white label customers need for confidentiality. Get 50% off the retail price.

Make a soy wax candle as unique as you are. Choose your perfect combination of organic essential oil scents, vessels, crystals, botanicals, box and more. We’ll even get you started with one of our custom label templates, apply the labels you send to us or supply your candles with no label.

These custom personalised candles are a joy to make. We don’t rush them… we make them just right so please allow a little time for making and delivery. For special requirements and requests please contact us.

Please note that the size, colour and amount of embellishments will vary from candle to candle. Some crystal chips and flowers may become loose on the candle surface during shipping. No two candles or batches are the same.

Click here for… > The Photos & Meaning Of Our Crystals, Botanicals & Embellishments

Scent Note: All scents with an asterisk (*) contain 100% pure and organic essential oils. In candle wax, this natural type of scent is in most cases lighter and quite subtle. ‘Happy’ is the lightest of these scents. The scents with no asterix contain a combination of pure essential oils and fragrance oils which give them a more powerful aroma.

Choose Your Label *

All candles come with a small round candle care and safety instructions label positioned under the vessel unless you instruct us otherwise. Check out the custom label designs in the photo gallery on this page.

This field is only required if you choose a Custom Label above. Please add your label content here. Type each section you want included on a different line below in order from top to bottom and left to right. If a field should be blank, please let us know. We will follow the capitalisation/lower case typeset of the template unless you tell us otherwise.


OPTIONAL: Choose Your Crystals

We recommend choosing 1, 2 or at the most 3 different types of crystals per candle. When we add crystals and botanicals to you candles no 2 candles will be the same. There will be variations between candles and batches. If you have more specific instructions please let us know below.



+ “Can I buy and try a single sample of the personalised candle I am thinking of doing for private label?”

Yes you can! Just visit our personalised classic soy candle page here to order.

+ “Do you leave the crystals, dried flowers and embellishments in your candle while burning? The rose buds in particular seem like they could be a fire hazard. Let me know, thanks!”

Yes, our handmade candles with crystals, botanicals and embellishments are designed in a way so you can leave them all in the vessel when burning. We have been asked before about whether our rose buds and other botanicals could be a fire hazard. Over the many years we have been making these products we have not had an issue. We keep a safe distance from the wicks so when the wax pool reaches the botanicals they tend to sink coating them in wax and making them safe. Any candle with an open flame can be a hazard so following good candle care guidelines is always a must.

Our instruction card for candles with crystals and/or botanicals says, “We are so blessed to make this candle for you. It’s truly beautiful and is one of a kind. This candle has been lovingly and carefully handmade in our bespoke studio with botanicals, crystals or embellishments (or perhaps a little of each). You can light this candle with the crystals, botanicals and embellishments inside of it. Each candle will burn differently as the botanicals and crystals move around. Please do not leave any candle unattended. If required, blow the candle out and move the botanicals away from the flame. Keep your wicks nice and trimmed (about 5mm long) for the best burn. Allow the wax to melt to the edge of the vessel with every burn. Towards the end of your candle, you can fish out the crystals and rinse them in warm soapy water if you want to keep them. When finished, clean your bowl or vessel and have it refilled or repurpose it for something else. To remove the wicks, add a tiny amount of boiling water and carefully take them out. We hope that this candle is a blessing to you”.

Additional information

Choose your vessel...

270ml White Glass – Painted On Outside (Single Wick, 9.8cm high x 7.7cm dia), 270ml Clear Glass (Single Wick, 9.8cm high x 7.7cm dia), 270ml White Glass (Single Wick, 9.8cm high x 7.7cm dia), 270ml Black Glass (Single Wick, 9.8cm high x 7.7cm dia), 390ml White Glass (Double Wick, 10.5cm high x 9.5cm dia), 390ml Matte Black Glass (Double Wick, 10.5cm high x 9.5cm dia), 390ml Pink Glass (Double Wick, 10.5cm high x 9.5cm dia), 390ml Copper/Rose Gold Glass (Double Wick, 10.5cm high x 9.5cm dia), 390ml Gold Glass (Double Wick, 10.5cm high x 9.5cm dia), 410ml White Glass (Double Wick, 11cm high x 9.8cm dia), 500ml Clear Glass (Double Wick, 11cm high x 10cm dia)

Select your scent...

Australia* | Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle, Niaouli & Sandalwood, Dinner Party* | May Chang, Basil & Lime, Dream* | Lavender, Chamomile & Frankincense, Grateful* | Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lime & Rose Otto, Happy* | Wild Orange, Clary Sage & Lemon, Love* | Rose Otto, Ylang Ylang, Orange & Patchouli, Meditate* | Cedarwood, Frankincense, Lavender & Myrrh, Mystique* | Sweet Orange, Juniperberry, Sandalwood & Cinnamon Bark, Summer Solstice | Coconut, Mango & Lime, Autumn Equinox | Sandalwood, Ginger, Pine & Orange, Winter Solstice | Pine, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon, Ginger & Earl Grey, Spring Equinox | Jasmine, Violet, Rose, Ginger, Iris & Evergreen, Crane | White Tea & Black Pepper, Cuckoo | Sweet Pea & Vanilla Pod, Dove | Pure Vanilla (Contains fine fragrant oil only), Eagle | West Indian Bay Rum, Fairy Wren | Peach Nectar & Tasmanian Honey, Fantail | Turkish Delight & Rose, Finch | Vintage Gardenia, Flamingo | Queensland Pineapple, Cocos & White Frangipani, Honeyeater | Mango, Rose Otto & Ginger Root, Hummingbird | Italian Lemon & Shortbread, Little Owl | Sandalwood & Japanese Citrus, Meadowlark | Fresh Cut Lemongrass, Messenger | Night Jasmine & Mint, Partridge | French Pear & Vanilla Bean (Contains fine fragrant oil only), Phoenix | Cloudberry & Clementine, Swan | Peony & Marshmallow, Toucan | Tahitian Coconut & Fresh Lime, Waxwing | Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Whistler | Violet & Lemon, Unscented, “I’d like a different scent from your Scent Guide.” | Please type name in 'Order Notes' at checkout.


Soy Wax, Soy Wax with Black Dye, Natural Soy Wax (Vegan, Plant Based & Cruelty Free)


Plain White Box (No Window), White Box With Black Border (No Window)


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