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Cleanskin Luxury Room & Linen Mist – 24 Pure Scents To Choose From


Imagine this amazing room and linen mist with your brand name and logo. Get 50% off the retail price when you purchase 24 or more bottles.

Order sample vials of the scents available by clicking here.

Spray around the home as an air freshener or use in the bathroom to say bye bye to odours. Lightly mist linens to freshen up musty rooms.

Lovingly handcrafted in the studio with the finest essential and fragrant oils.

The custom filling of your white label room mist bottles will take 1-2 weeks. This can take longer depending on your label requirements.

Let us know your custom requirements if you have any.

Label Options *

The recommended label size for our 250ml white plastic bottles is 115mm wide x 63mm high.

Your special instructions and requests…

Please let us know what you like and expect. Everyone has different tastes and requirements, that’s why we need you to be very specific about exactly what you want. We always aim to exceed your expectations.


Dimensions (White Bottle): 5.1cm diameter x 18.8cm high (including mister and cap)

Shelf life: 2 years from opening

Lead time: Approximately 2 weeks from placing your order to shipping.

Label contents: We will send you our label of the product you have chosen to help as a guide for you to create your own label. This will include ingredients.

Label sizes: At Lemon Canary, on this bottle we use a single 115mm x 63mm label or a 60mm x 60mm label with a smaller 65mm x 25mm label on the back.

Packaging: These bottles come loose. Packaged in cartons with bubble wrap and bio fill for safe transport. They are not individually boxed.

Additional information

Choose your bottle...

250ml White Plastic Bottle with Gold & White Spray Atomiser

Select your scent...

Summer Solstice | Coconut, Mango & Lime, Autumn Equinox | Sandalwood, Ginger, Pine & Orange, Winter Solstice | Pine, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon, Ginger & Earl Grey, Spring Equinox | Jasmine, Violet, Rose, Ginger, Iris & Evergreen, Crane | White Tea & Black Pepper, Cuckoo | Sweet Pea & Vanilla Pod, Dove | Pure Vanilla (Contains fine fragrant oil only), Eagle | West Indian Bay Rum, Fairy Wren | Peach Nectar & Tasmanian Honey, Fantail | Turkish Delight & Rose, Finch | Vintage Gardenia, Flamingo | Queensland Pineapple, Cocos & White Frangipani, Honeyeater | Mango, Rose Otto & Ginger Root, Hummingbird | Italian Lemon & Shortbread, Little Owl | Sandalwood & Japanese Citrus, Meadowlark | Fresh Cut Lemongrass, Messenger | Night Jasmine & Mint, Partridge | French Pear & Vanilla Bean (Contains fine fragrant oil only), Phoenix | Cloudberry & Clementine, Swan | Peony & Marshmallow, Toucan | Tahitian Coconut & Fresh Lime, Waxwing | Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Whistler | Violet & Lemon, “I’d like a different scent from your Scent Guide.” | Please type name in 'Order Notes' at checkout.


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