Choosing candle and diffuser scents for your store, brand or event can be a challenge. We’ve got some tips and strategies for you to help make this process a successful one that will hopefully avoid lost opportunities, low sales and slow moving stock. Here’s 4 scenting strategies and 6 tips you might like to consider for your business.

What are the 4 most successful strategies for choosing candle scents for your brand, store or event?

1. Signature Scent
Choose one scent only. This takes courage but it is our most successful scenting strategy. You can always change your scent if it doesn’t work out and try something else. Focusing your customer on a single choice improves total sales. In a world with so many distractions and options, your signature scent can stand out.

2. Seasonal Scents or Limited Edition Scents
Have only one or two scents at any time and when you re-order stock change to a different scent. Your customers will learn that if they smell something they like they will need to buy now and stock up.

3. Scent with Intention
Make product selection about intention (eMake product selection about intention (eg. Love, Gratefulness, Meditate) not the scent. This is very effective especially when your products are being chosen for gifts.

4. Four (4) Scents
If you don’t feel the scenting strategies above are for you try our 4 scent option. To appeal to the most number of people select a scent in each of the following categories…
– Floral (eg. Swan, Finch, Grateful, Love, Spring Equinox, Lovebird)
– Fruity (eg. Happy, Toucan, Meadowlark, Phoenix, Fairy Wren, Partridge, Flamingo)
Woody or Earthy (eg. Meditate, Little Owl, Autumn Equinox)
– Vanilla / Spicy / Foody (eg. Dove, Cuckoo, Partridge, Hummingbird, Coffee, Chocolate, Chai)

What are the 6 candle and diffuser scent choosing tips that guarantee success?

1. Less is more. Fewer choices help customers make buying decisions.
2. Start small and add more scents later.
3. Your customers may not like what you like. This is often a truth that is hard to accept.
4. Selecting scents is a journey, not a destination. Be willing to start, learn and adjust as you go.
5. You can’t please 100% of the people all the time.
6. Ask yourself, “If I had to choose one scent for my store, what would it be?”. Start here… is your brand more fruity, floral, sweet, woody or spicy?

Our final tip would be, watch what people do more than what they say. Many people will say they like a particular scent but that doesn’t mean they will buy that scent from you if you have it in stock. Chasing scents that people say they want but don’t buy is a common mistake of scent selection in retail stores. That’s why testing scents and watching how people respond with their buying decisions is the ultimate test. Your customers are unique and what appeals to them will be different to what is appealing in a different store with a different set of customers.

We hope this info has helped you decide on a scenting strategy so you can get started and begin learning about what your customers really want. For more info on Lemon Canary’s scents visit our Scent Guide.



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