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Crystal Candles… The Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are crystal candles?

Crystal Candles (candles with crystals arranged in them) are the most special candles you will ever own. Embellished with crystals and botanicals, crystal infused candles are rare and always one-of-a-kind. They are a treasure that will fill your heart and home.Lemon Canary crystal soy candle bowls with gold foil Lemon Canary logo in between.

Is it safe to put crystals in candles?

Yes. A candle made professionally and correctly with crystals and dried flowers is as safe as any other candle. In Lemon Canary’s 8 years of making crystal candles we have not seen or been told of any kind of safety issue relating to embellishing candles with crystals and dried flowers.Aphrodite soy candle bowl scented with love, a 100% organic essential oil scent by Lemon Canary

How do you use crystal candles? Are there any special instructions?

Lemon Canary’s instruction card for candles with crystals and/or botanicals says it best, “We are so blessed to make this candle for you. It’s truly beautiful and is one of a kind. This crystal candle has been lovingly and carefully handmade in our bespoke studio with botanicals, crystals or embellishments (or perhaps a little of each). You can light this candle with the crystals, botanicals and embellishments inside of it. Each candle will burn differently as the botanicals and crystals move around. Please do not leave any candle unattended. If required, blow the candle out and move the botanicals away from the flame. Keep your wicks nice and trimmed (about 5mm long) for the best burn. Allow the wax to melt to the edge of the vessel with every burn. Towards the end of your candle, you can fish out the crystals and rinse them in warm soapy water if you want to keep them. When finished, clean your bowl or vessel and have it refilled or repurpose it for something else. To remove the wicks, add a tiny amount of boiling water and carefully take them out. We hope that this crystal candle is a blessing to you”.Aphrodite crystal soy candle bowl scented with Love, an organic essential oil blend

What crystals are most popular in candles?

The most popular crystals used in candle decoration include Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Aventurine, Peacock Ore and Selenite. And the types of these crystals include tumbles, points, raw pieces, chips, clusters, spheres and hearts.Rose Quartz Crystal Hearts In A White Bowl - Top View

Do you leave the crystals, dried flowers and embellishments in your candle while burning?

Yes, our candles with crystals, botanicals and embellishments are designed in a way so you can leave them all in the vessel when burning. We have been asked before about whether our rose buds and other botanicals could be a fire hazard. Over the many years we have been making these products we have not had an issue. We keep a safe distance from the wicks so when the wax pool reaches the botanicals they tend to sink coating them in wax and making them safe. Any candle with an open flame can be a hazard so following good candle care guidelines is always a must.Restore soy candle bowl with lit wicks. Scented with Mystique, a 100% organic essential oil scent by Lemon Canary

How to clean crystals when your crystal candle is finished?

Just clean your crystals with warm soapy water to remove any wax residue and they will like new again.

What crystals cannot be cleaned with water?

Some stones are not suitable for cleaning with water. They include Selenite, Red Coral, Calcite, Angelite, Moonstone and Azurite. Keep in mind many crystals with “ite” at the end of the name are not suitable for water cleaning.Selenite Crystal Tumble Stones In A White Bowl Top View

Is it legal to decorate candles with crystals, flowers, herbs, glitter and other embellishments?

The short answer is YES. It is legal and a candle made correctly with crystals and dried flowers is as safe as any other candle. For our full article on the subject click here.Restore soy candle bowl scented with Meditate, a 100% organic essential oil scent by Lemon Canary

Which crystals mean what?

– Aventurine: Stone of opportunity and prosperity. Associated with healing and harmony. Said to reduce stress and bring courage.
– Amethyst (The Dream Stone): The sweet dreams stone. Aids sleep. Healing and cleansing. Overcomes negativity with positivity.
Citrine (The Happy Stone): Stone of happiness and abundance. Energising and creative. Intuitive and overcoming of fears.
Clear Quartz: Healing, harmony and clarity. Brings balance.
Jade: Brings love, tranquillity and wisdom. Awakens the mind. Encourages kindness to self. Dispels negative thoughts.
Lapis Lazuli: A protection stone. Teaches mindfulness and self awareness. Encourages honest expression and compassion. Relationship builder.
Peacock Ore: An abundance and meditation stone.
Rose Quartz (The Love Stone): Unconditional love and peace. Calms and purifies. Attracts love. Encourages forgiveness and trust. Comfort for heartache and grief.
Selenite: Brings clarity of mind and divine understanding. Brings deep peace.
Tiger Eye: A grounding and protective stone. Mood lifter, motivator and stress release. Encourages commitment and helps with conflict resolution.

For Lemon Canary’s full meaning and intention list for crystals, botanicals and embellishments with photos click here.Clear Quartz Crystal Points in a White Bowl Top View

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to decorate candles with crystals

  1. Wait for the candle to be set before decorating with crystals

    It’s best to wait until at least the next day after pouring a candle before you decorate it with crystals. Allowing it to set first makes the decorating easier and the final result more professional.

  2. Select your crystals

    You can layout your crystals on a piece of paper to create the arrangement you are happy with before you decorate the candle.Citrine Crystal Tumble Stones in a White Bowl Top View

  3. Use a heat gun to melt the wax on the top of the candle

    Be careful not to burn the wicks or use the heat gun on too high a setting which may cause splashing or an uneven surface.

  4. Place the largest crystal pieces first and the smallest crystals last.

    If you have a basic design you can complete your arrangement in a single stage. For more detailed designs you may have to reheat the surface again to add more crystals. By adding the smallest crystals pieces (like crystal chips) last you can prevent the crystals from being drowned or completely covered by the wax.

  5. For very large crystals…

    With large crystal clusters, raw pieces or points you may need to dig a small hole into the wax to set the crystal. Then as you melt the surface of the candle, the wax will melt in around the crystal to create a smooth even surface.Amethyst Crystal Clusters in a White Bowl Top View

  6. Let your crystal candle completely set again before lighting it

  7. Enjoy your candle

    Sit back, relax and enjoy what you have created.

Here’s some examples of Lemon Canary’s crystal candles…


Crystal Candles by Lemon Canary