Top 7 Candle Safety Tips

The beauty and ambiance of a lit candle in your home or at a special event is simply wonderful. We love it! In that sweet atmosphere of calm and tranquility it’s easy forget about safety and other risks. But a lit candle is an open flame and a potential fire hazard. The container and wax can become quite hot as well. So it’s a good idea to be aware of the potential hazards and take some safety steps that not only protect you but give you peace of mind too. I know… thinking about safety isn’t my favourite things to either so lets get to it.

Here’s our top 7 candle safety tips to keep you safe when using and enjoying your Lemon Canary candles…Read More

Vintage Jar Soy Candles… For The Love.


When I first started making soy candles I wanted to try and re use old jars to reduce the carbon footprint of Lemon Canary. But where would I find old jars? Jars that people would embrace. By the biggest stroke of luck or fate, whatever you may call it, I came across a gorgeous old Fowlers Vacola preserve jar at my local St.Vinnies. “Do you have any more of these”, I yelled out in delight, startling the poor lady sorting through a bag of donations. She went on to tell me that the jars were something of an Australian icon.Read More