The Best Christmas Candle Of 2019

Wondering what this year’s best christmas candle for your home might be? Look no further than Lemon Canary’s gorgeous Christmas Advent Candle made with natural wax, organic essential oils, fine fragrance, love and plenty of attention to detail. This is the perfect Christmas candle for all of December.

Enjoy the sweet smell of Sugar Plum and Christmas Spice as you countdown the days until Santa arrives. It’s fun and interactive for you and your family, as you mark the days and light the candle in anticipation of that wonderful day of the year.Read More

How To Make Container Candles With Natural Wax

In a nutshell
(for those who won’t read this whole info guide:))

STEP 1: Set up your containers / vessels
Ensure vessel is completely clean and dry before starting. Any residues, dirt and water may affect the end result. Securely fit the wick to the centre of the vessel by using the sticker and pressing down firmly. Centre the wick using the wick holder (paddle pop stick) then gently pull to straighten wick. Use the wooden peg to hold in place.

STEP 2: Melt the wax
Use the double boiler method for melting the wax. A saucepan with water and a glass bowl fitted on top works quite well. Melt so the wax is completely liquid. Use an infrared or mercury thermometer to heat wax to 65°C-85°C. Then pour wax into your pouring jug. Tare the weight of the jug then weigh to measure the amount of wax in grams. We do not recommend using a microwave for melting wax.Read More

Why Use Miron Violet Glass For Essential Oil Candles?

Group Of 4 Love And Gratitude Soy Candles In Black Miron Glass With Rose Buds And Petals


Miron (or Violet) glass is an extremely special and unique type of glass. At Lemon Canary we use this glass for some of our container natural wax candles, body mists and essential oils. It is a magnificent looking glass but thats not the main reason why we use it. Miron glass is simply the ultimate for preserving our products that contain organic essential oils… even much better than amber glass. And they preserve for extended periods of time.Read More

Are DoTerra Essential Oils Used To Scent Lemon Canary’s Natural Wax Candles?

Handmade ceramic candle bowls with soy wax and scented with organic essential oils

We’ve been asked so many times lately if our natural wax candles are scented with DoTerra essential oils. So I thought I’d write a blog article to answer this question because you might be very interested to hear the answer.Read More

This Is My Custom Handmade Memorial Candle Bowl For Baby Jack

Hello beautiful,

Did you know we make custom handmade candles for you and your loved ones?

This is my story of the beautiful candle bowl you see in the picture above.

My brother and sister-in-love where pregnant with their 3rd child. My brother was overseas when he received the call. The baby’s heartbeat couldn’t be found. Chris flew home straight away and my sister-in-love waited for him to birth the baby.Read More