Top 7 Candle Safety Tips

The beauty and ambiance of a lit candle in your home or at a special event is simply wonderful. We love it! In that sweet atmosphere of calm and tranquility it’s easy forget about safety and other risks. But a lit candle is an open flame and a potential fire hazard. The container and wax can become quite hot as well. So it’s a good idea to be aware of the potential hazards and take some safety steps that not only protect you but give you peace of mind too. I know… thinking about safety isn’t my favourite things to either so lets get to it.

Here’s our top 7 candle safety tips to keep you safe when using and enjoying your Lemon Canary candles…Read More

What is Chakra?


Hi Canaries,

Have you ever wondered what this Chakra thing is all about? You might have heard a friend talk about their Chakra being blocked or unblocked, overactive or underactive, or perhaps they said their “such and such” Chakra is out of balance. Maybe you researched Chakra online or read about it in an alternate heath magazine. You might have even said to yourself, “What the?!”.

At Lemon Canary, we have a Chakra product range which includes soy candles, organic essential oils, organic body mists and organic perfumes. That means we get asked about Chakra a lot. The 3 most common questions are… what are they?, how do they work? and what Chakra should I start working on first? Read More

7th Chakra (Enlightenment): Spiritual Connection


Dear Canaries,

Welcome to the final and 7th part of the Chakra Series… the Enlightenment or Crown Chakra. The area of the Enlightenment Chakra is the top of the head. The associated organs and glands are the brain, nervous system and the pituitary gland. This Chakra is closely related with self realisation and the divine. It assists with knowing your true inner nature and encourages comfort to express your spirituality. A balanced 7th Chakra discourages ego and assists to connect with something greater than yourself. Some people call this the purpose of it all… the ultimate goal of divine spiritual connection and fulfilment.

Do you bargain with God? Are you waiting for a divine encounter? Are you addicted to spirituality or perhaps even denying any kind of spiritual connection? Feeling misunderstood? Discover the joy of a balanced Enlightenment Chakra by learning more today. Here’s some more information if this feels interesting to you.

7th Chakra (Enlightenment)
Spiritual Connection

“I know. I surrender. I love. My mind is calm, focused and at peace. I tune into my union with The Creator and Source of all.”Read More

6th Chakra (Intuition): Thinking. Imagination. Knowledge.


Hey Canaries,

It’s Intuition Chakra time. The Intuition Chakra relates to the area above the eyes in the centre of the forehead. This is the 6th Chakra and when balanced it assists with perception and intuition. It encourages comfort with new ideas and helps beliefs to develop and evolve. The Intuition Chakra gives insight beyond what is seen with your physical eyes. Meditation is said to be one of the best ways to balance and develop your 6th Chakra. This is a very interesting Chakra and one worth taking your time to reflect on.

Is there something about this Chakra that resonates with you? Are you happy to be still and quiet? What attitudes are holding you back? Do you think of others and their actions in a negative light? Do you make excuses for yourself and the way you behave? Are you worried, doubtful, forgetful or not sure of your purpose? Let’s look a little deeper into the Intuition (6th) Chakra.

6th Chakra (Intuition)
Thinking. Imagination. Knowledge.

“I open my intuition. I am learning. I am growing. I am perceptive. I am relaxed. I am positive. My vision inspires others.”Read More

5th Chakra (Expression): Truth. Self Expression. Communication. Healing.


Dear Canaries,

Funnily enough, one of the most talked about Chakras is the 5th Chakra. It’s funny because this Chakra encompasses communication, especially communication and expression of personal truth. The areas of the body this Chakra incorporates is the throat, neck and top of the shoulders. There are so many fantastic self-reflection question to ask yourself with this Chakra… Can you express new ideas without fear of what the hearer might think? Do you interrupt people when they are talking? Do you stay silent and don’t participate in conversations? Do you use humour to avoid really connecting and speaking the truth? Do you ask for help when you need it? Do you pray? This Chakra can really show us areas for improvement and better balance… I know it does for me. You’re going to enjoy exploring and meditating on the 5th Chakra, read on for more information.

5th Chakra (Expression)
Truth. Self Expression. Communication. Healing.

“My thoughts are positive. I express myself thoughtfully and clearly. I speak the truth with love. I live with integrity. I speak with joy and praise to myself and others.”Read More