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Antique Jar Natural Vintage Candles… For The Love.

When we first started making natural scented soy wax candles we wanted to try and re use old antique jars to reduce the carbon footprint of Lemon Canary. But where could beautiful old vintage jars be found? Jars that people would embrace.

By the biggest stroke of luck or fate, whatever you may call it, we came across a gorgeous old Fowlers preserving jar at our local St.Vinnies. “Do you have any more of these”, yelling out in delight, startling the poor lady sorting through a bag of donations. She went on to tell us that the jars were something of an Australian icon.

In 1915, Joseph Fowler had begun selling home-bottling equipment from the back of a cart, door to door in Melbourne. His glass bottles became an essential item during the depression. The company’s ads featured an illustration of a dainty housewife named Mrs. B Thrifty. Over the last century Australia has seen many sizes of these gorgeous jars with green glass, grey glass, tall and short bottles, so many variations.

We are still amazed at some of the sizes that are around that we had no idea existed. Some fetch quite a high price and are now very rare. If you cannot get them back to Lemon Canary, pop them on ebay, or donate them to your local church or op shop so that they may be found and loved all over again.

Every time we pour a vintage jar candle we think about where it has been before this moment, what it has seen, and the fact that it is probably older than most of us. Has it housed a sticky strawberry jam? or perhaps a spicy tomato relish? which church groups or fetes has it raised money for? and which dear people before me have put love and energy into turning a seemingly ordinary jar into something wonderful?

Meeting and speaking to some of these gorgeous people has truly been the most rewarding part of the whole experience, we had no idea that a small idea like re-using old jars would bloom into something so touching and sentimental.

Apart from all these delightful things the jar, (which has now found a new owner, at least for a time), it is also filled with our gorgeous natural wax blend and looks beautiful and unique in your home, we are yet to have a friend come over who doesn’t comment on the jars. These antique vintage candles are also brilliant for outdoors as the flame doesn’t get blown out.

Our favourites are the…

1.2Lt Tall Vintage Glass Jar Candle (Jar not made since 1978)

2Lt Vintage Glass Jar Candle (Jar not made since 1975)

Every time you light your candle, all that history comes with the flame.. x

The Lemon Canaries x