Summer Solstice Soy Candle – Coconut, Honey, Lime & Mango With Citrine, Rose Petals & Orange

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Made for you my darlings with love in my little studio, in celebration of the light. Let us rejoice in the sunlight.

Essential & Fragrant Oils: Coconut, Honey, Lime and Mango
Crystals: Citrine
Botanicals: Rose Petals and Orange

Infused with the intention of abundance, light and vigour.

Summer Prayer
Oh Summer, I feel your power,
All plants have blossomed,
Your longest day fills us with strength,
We pursue our desires with vigour,
Mango, pineapple and summer fruits are rich and plump,
We treasure their sweetness and are grateful for this abundance,
Nature feels warm and blissful,
This light brings strength and happiness with it,
In it we rejoice.
Warm us with your light and fill us up again,
This I pray.


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