Reed Scent Diffuser, 200ml Clear Glass – Includes Reed Sticks, Choose From 25 Scents With Essential Oils

Price: $39.00

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Freshen your home or space with our lovely fragrance diffusers. Select a 100% pure essential oil scent or a scent with a combination of organic essential oils and fine fragrance oils. Blended with love and housed in a gorgeous glass bottle. Insert the bamboo reeds to release the beautiful scent, these sticks can be rotated to increase intensity.

This Lemon Canary reed scent diffuser contains an environmentally friendly diffuser base.  Our diffuser base is an eco-solvent derived from plant feedstocks. It contains NO VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and is classed as non-flammable. It’s the safest, most effective diffuser base we can find but we always recommend keeping out of reach of children.

Scent refill bottles and replacement reed sticks are also available.

Choose Scent * 

All scents with an asterix (*) are scented with 100% pure and organic essential oils. Those scents without the * contain a combination of organic essential oils and fragrance oils.

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