Lemon Canary Pure Scents – Fragrance Blends For Candle Making & Reed Scent Diffusers

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Unless otherwise stated each fragrance blend contains fragrance oils and organic essential oils.

The use of these fragrance oils will be dependent on the candle or product you are creating. For candle making, use 6%-10% by weight, and for reed scent diffusers, use 15%-20% by weight. These values are suggestions only. You should always do your own testing for the wax, container, wicks, conditions etc you intend to use in order to achieve the best results.



Fragrance scents are separated into three classes… top (or head) notes, middle (or heart) notes, and base (or bottom) notes. Each of Lemon Canary’s scents have all three. They add character and longevity to a fragrance blend with respect to how the scent is received over time and in different conditions.

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Crane | White Tea & Black Pepper, Cuckoo | Sweet Pea & Vanilla Pod, Dove | Pure Vanilla (Contains fine fragrant oil only), Eagle | West Indian Bay Rum, Fairy Wren | Peach Nectar & Tasmanian Honey, Fantail | Turkish Delight & Rose, Finch | Vintage Gardenia, Flamingo | Queensland Pineapple, Cocos & White Frangipani, Honeyeater | Mango, Rose Otto & Ginger Root, Little Owl | Sandalwood & Japanese Citrus, Lovebird | Rose & Pink Pepper, Messenger | Night Jasmine & Mint, Partridge | French Pear & Vanilla Bean (Contains fine fragrant oil only), Phoenix | Cloudberry & Clementine, Swan | Peony & Marshmallow, Toucan | Tahitian Coconut & Fresh Lime, Waxwing | Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Whistler | Violet & Lemon, Surprise Me!


100ml, 1L (10 x 100ml)

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