A beautiful book for sensitive children

Did you know around 20% of children can be considered sensitive? They’re often labeled as shy, introverted, apprehensive, or even fussy, and are never supported with the right tools to help them thrive.

Supporting Anxious Children to Thrive

We're excited to offer "Darwin Dragonfly and the Sensitive Bee," a captivating story designed to help sensitive children overcome anxiety and emotional sensitivity. This book, created by Registered Psychologist Tina Parsons and NAHA Certified Aromatherapist Denise Watson, is more than just beautiful illustrations and words. It provides practical tips for children to manage their anxious feelings and thoughts.

"Darwin Dragonfly and the Sensitive Bee" is a book that both children and parents can enjoy together. It's filled with strategies tailored for sensitive children, which can benefit both kids and their parents. Additionally, the book explores the calming effects of essential oils and includes activities for creating a custom aromatic blend for your child.