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Jojoba Virgin Oil – Pure & Organic


Jojoba oil is highly recommended for use on all skin types as a base/carrier oil for the dilution of essential oils to make aromatherapy massage oils or treatment blends.

Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis
Method of Extraction: Cold pressed from the seeds of a jojoba plant.
Colour: Golden yellow
Skin Types: Suitable for all skin types including normal, mature, dry, sensitive, oily and problem skin.
Suitable for: Use as a base/carrier oil for the dilution of essential oils to make massage oils. Also a popular ingredient in face, body and hair products.
How to use: Use with essential oils in a massage oil blend or apply directly to the face or body.

– Non-greasy. Non-irritating. Amazing moisturiser.
– Rich in vitamins. Leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.
– Readily absorbed. Highly penetrating deep into the skin.
– Regulates oil production. Can assist with skin problems.
– Very close composition to the skins own sebum so it absorbs quickly.
– Long lasting and very low odour.

Interesting fact: Even though we call Jojoba oil an oil, it’s actually a liquid natural wax but it doesn’t start to solidify until it’s temperature goes below 7°C.

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