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Organic Essential Oil Scent Blends For Candle Making – By Lemon Canary


This range of essential oil blends are ideal for candle making. They are organic, natural and 100% pure, containing NO synthetic fragrance oils. The quality and purity that is delivered by our network of local and international farmers is amazing. You will feel the difference when you enjoy these beautiful oils.

In candle wax, 100% essential oil scents are in most cases lighter and quite subtle compared with traditional synthetic fragrance oil scents. ‘Happy’ is the lightest of our scents. Essential oil scenting is considered a healthier and more natural way of scenting.

We suggest starting your testing our blends at 3% essential oil scent (by weight) and adjust accordingly for a satisfactory result. Most people find the ideal result between 1-5%. The wax and process you use may alter the percentage of the essential oil scent you use. Ensure you stir the scent with the wax thoroughly without creating bubbles. It is best to add essential oil scents at lower temperatures to ensure the maximum scenting result.

You can also also use these pure essential oils by blending them with some fragrance oils which give them a more powerful aroma. You will need to experiment to find a combination you are happy with.



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Australia | Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle, Niaouli & Sandalwood, Dinner Party | May Chang, Basil & Lime, Dream | Lavender, Chamomile & Frankincense, Grateful | Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lime & Rose Otto, Happy | Wild Orange, Clary Sage & Lemon, Love | Rose Otto, Ylang Ylang, Orange & Patchouli, Meditate | Cedarwood, Frankincense, Lavender & Myrrh, Mystique | Sweet Orange, Juniperberry, Sandalwood & Cinnamon Bark


15ml, 100ml, 1L (10 x 100ml)


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