Handmade candle bowls like you’ve never seen

It’s a big claim, but we think our custom candle bowl might be the most special candle you’ll ever own…
From our Australian studio, Lemon Canary candle bowls are carefully handmade with soy wax and cotton wicks. They’re embellished with spectacular arrangements of crystals, flowers and other delicate details. These candles are made-to-order and always one-of-a-kind — a treasure that will fill your heart and home.

Take a closer look

Of our extensive collections stunning candle bowls, The Personalised Crystal Candle Bowl is our most popular one (and secretly our favourite one, too). Here’s why…

  1. The breath-taking ceramic bowl is handcrafted by a master ceramicist. Hand fired then moulded with love and care, no two bowls are the same — this process takes four days.
  2. You choose the essentials oil blend, crystals, flowers and other delicate details of your choice, and we carefully pour your soy wax candle, embellishing the wax with your selections.
  3. Finally, your personalised candle is blessed with your specific intentions. We’re so grateful to have this opportunity and truly love passing these exquisite and highly personalised pieces onto you.