Lemon Canary Premium Cotton Candle Wicks (Lead-Free & Zinc-Free)

Price: $4.40$15.00

100% natural replacement for zinc core wicks. Consistent quality. Great for use with soy wax. Contains no zinc or lead.

Please note that wick stickers are sold separately.

*Wax pool and container/vessel diameters stated are suggestions only. Please conduct your own wick test for every different type of vessel, wax and scent oil blend you intend to use.


Additional information

Choose A Wick

LC39-40TL Wick with Tab (For Tealights) – 39-40mm Burn Diameter, LC43-44 Wick with Tab – 43-44mm Burn Diameter, LC47 Wick with Tab – 47mm Burn Diameter, LC49-50 Wick with Tab – 49-50mm Burn Diameter, LC56 Wick with Tab – 56mm Burn Diameter, LC66 Wick with Tab – 66mm Burn Diameter, LC68 Wick with Tab – 68mm Burn Diameter, LC68 Extra Long Wick with Tab – 68mm Burn Diameter, LC73 Wick with Tab – 73mm Burn Diameter, LC73 Extra Long Wick with Tab – 73mm Burn Diameter

Pack Size

Each (1 Wick), Pack of 10 Wicks

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