Personalised Travel Tin Soy Candle – Custom Bonboniere & Wedding Favours. 45+Scents. Add Crystals & Flowers. Make It Special!

Price: $19.00

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Such a great present and so cute to give your guests as bonboniere.

Personalise the label… just type in the field what you would like printed. Choose a special scent from over 45 fragrance blends. Add crystal chips and dried flowers. Make your candles special, unique and just how you want them. And add any special instructions or requests in the field provided.

Each travel tin candle is filled with natural soy wax and a premium cotton wick. Your beautiful wedding favour candle will come with a small round candle care and safety instructions label positioned under the travel tin and the round Lemon Canary label with gold foil logo on the top of the lid. Add a cute calico bag too if you like.

> The Meaning & Intention List For Crystals, Botanicals & Embellishments (with Photos)


Choose your scent * 

Printing in gold and silver foil is not available. If there is a particular font or style you would like please let us know in the special instructions.


There are 2 lines for printing on your label. Please indicate if you would like a specific message for the top line. Space is limited but we will do our best to fit your message. Eg. “Jenny, will you be my maid of honour?” or “Best Day Ever, Jenny & John, 25.6.2020”

Would you like the scent name included on the label? * 

Add some crystal chips & dried flowers * 

If you are making a special request please choose 2 embellishments (3 at the very most). Eg. Jasmine flowers, citrine crystal chips and fairy dust. For a full selection of chips click on the link in the product description. *Only crystal chips are added to these candles, not tumbles, points or chunks.


Please let us know what you like and expect. Everyone has different tastes and requirements, that’s why we need you to be very specific about exactly what you want. We always aim to exceed your expectations. If there is a different scent you would like rom our scent guide please type the name here.


Calico Bag for your Travel Tin Wedding Favour to complete the perfect gift.


Handmade | 100% Plant Based | Vegan | Cruelty Free | Sustainable | Biodegradable | Amazing

The natural soy wax in this beautiful candle is cosmetic grade, certified kosher and genetically unaltered… there’s no beeswax, petroleum, paraffin, plastics, toxins, pesticides or herbicides… guaranteed. Our waxes come from sustainable farming and they are a renewable resource that can be replaced at the same rate or faster than can be consumed without damaging the ecosystem.

These natural soy wax candles are made with premium pure cotton wicks (zinc and lead free) and burns 25-50% longer than some paraffin wax candles.

Lovingly hand poured in small batches this candle is designed for your health and well-being. We use no chemical additives to make our candles look perfect every time… we prefer natural.

Additional information

Tin Type

Round 110ml Gold Tin – Burn Time 25+ Hours

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