Chakra 1 Organic Perfume – Base

Price: $4.00$28.00

Base Chakra | 1st Chakra | Muladhara

This beautiful Organic Perfume Oil is made in Australia with love and the finest organic ingredients. This Perfume has been carefully blended and infused to amplify the benefits.

Each oil is presented in a sweet rollette for easy application. It will arrive in a beautiful calico bag and is boxed and wrapped beautifully for gift giving or simply as a gift to yourself. You will also receive a card which explains each oil and how it is related to the Base Chakra, this includes mantras to use during meditation.

This blend was created to balance and open your Base Chakra. It is grounding. Assists to connect you with your physical body. Deepens Meditation. Helps to calm. Centres and balances. Enhances your physical awareness. Promotes stability and security. Creates energy for success. Restores balance. Promotes life force. Brings a positive outlook. Gives you connection to yourself and the physical.

Colour: Red.

Area: Base of Spine, Tailbone.

Associated Organs & Glands: Spine, Bladder, Blood, Kidneys, Male Reproductive Organs, Vagina, Legs, Feet.

Balanced Root Chakra: Grounded, Centered, Belonging in this world, Trusting, Independent, Poised.

Overactive Root Chakra: Bossy, Domineering, Big Ego, Greedy, Violent, Cunning.

Under active Root Chakra: Unloved, Sexually Inadequate, Frustrated, Fearful, Shy, Unsure.

*Please note: We advise that you consult a medical professional before using any essential oils, especially if you are pregnant or unwell. This product is for external use only. Keep away from Children and pets. This product is not intended to cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary. We use the highest quality products available to us but can assume no liability for usage of this product.


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