‘Australia’ Organic Tea Blend


True Blue Billy Tea. North Queensland Tea Leaves and Eucalyptus.

The tea that stockmen and drovers alike enjoyed when they stopped for a rest. This delicious smoky tea is best served sweetened with milk and accompanied by a thick slice of damper.

I first tasted billy tea in grade 3. We had a bush tucker man come to the school and bake a traditional damper and then serve us this warm, sweet tea. I remember up until that point I had only ever tasted herbal teas. I was in love! This blend is the closest thing I can think of that takes me back to that day.

The perfect gift for a homesick friend or a relative looking to ‘taste’ Australia in it’s native form.

“Sleep is good, Tea is better!”

Directions – 1 teaspoon per cup. Brew for 3-4 minutes. Best served milky and sweet with a thick slice of damper.

Ingredients – Organic Black Tea, Organic Lemon Myrtle Leaves


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5g (Sampler), 20g, 80g, 1kg (Bulk)

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