‘All in one’ Tealight Soy Candle Sample Pack – Includes 38 Scents

Price: $124.50

This sample pack of tealight candles includes all 38 of our favourite Lemon Canary Scents. It’s the perfect way to experience all of our amazing Scents in one pack.

Hand poured to order in our bespoke studio, with pure eco soy wax, a premium cotton wick and the finest essential and fragrant oils.

The sample pack includes…

Pure Scents (13): Crane, Cuckoo, Eagle, Fairy Wren, Finch, Flamingo, Little Owl, Lovebird, Messenger, Partridge, Phoenix, Swan and Toucan.

Organic Scents (8): Australia, Dinner Party, Dream, Happy, Love, Meditate, Mystic and Grateful.

Chakra Scents (7): Chakra 1 – Grounded, Chakra 2 – Creative, Chakra 3 – Powerful, Chakra 4 – Love, Chakra 5 – Expression, Chakra 6 – Intuition and Chakra 7 – Enlightenment.

Seasons Scents (4): Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

Luxe Scents (3): Seeker, Wanderer and Soarer.

Cafe Scents (3): Organic Coffee, Organic Chai and Organic Chocolate.

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