‘I Love You Mum’ Vintage Jar Soy Candle

Price: $48.00$145.00

What better way to say “I LOVE YOU MUM” than with one of these wonderful vintage soy candles and a soft beautiful scent of peony and marshmallow.

Choose your gorgeous Vintage Jar in the size you want with an ‘I Love You Mum’ Candle featuring our pure Peony and Marshmallow scent. The ‘I Love You Mum’ Vintage Candle is filled with the purest creamy soy wax, the finest fragrant and essential oils, and a premium cotton wick.

Every Vintage Jar is special and one of a kind. I have collected them from here, there and everywhere. They were first produced in 1913, so there is a little bit of history with every one.

The Jars can be varied from glass to glass and the styles have changed over the years. Some of the clips are worn but this all adds to the warmth and beauty of the candle. Imperfection becomes perfection. One thing is for certain, no two jars are the same!

I love that they have come from someone’s home and been given a new life filled with love and gorgeous soy wax. And now they are filling your home with heavenly scents… that is true vintage. Please keep these jars in circulation by reusing them or taking them to your local op shop… they are precious and valuable.

*Each candle is hand poured to order so please allow 7 days for delivery.


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