Intentional Soy Candle Bowl – Create Your Own

Price: $125.00

This Intentional Candle Bowl is the most special candle you will ever own.

The beautiful bowl is handmade with love by my gorgeous friend who is a master ceramicist. Hand fired, moulded with love and care, this process takes 4 days. It is then lovingly turned into a beautiful double wicked natural soy candle by me.

After embedding with your desired botanicals and crystals, it is then blessed with your specific intentions.

Rare and valuable. A treasure that will fill your heart and home. Blessed am I to make these for you. Deepest Gratitude. x

Approx. 400g – 120 hrs+ Burn Time.

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Please let us know what you like and expect. Everyone has different tastes and requirements, that’s why we need you to be very specific about exactly what you want. We always aim to exceed your expectations.

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