‘I see you’ Friendship Soy Candle

Price: $36.00$55.00

This candle was created to give to people I love and to celebrate friendships I value. It truly means what it says ‘I see you’. My beautiful friend Jo from The Darling Tree helped bring this candle to life with her beautiful artwork and I am truly honoured to have her as part of the Inspired Collective.

Each candle lovingly presented and boxed with the poem below..

we are dark and light
and like a rainbow inside
I see you.

sometimes we don’t agree
but I know you’re there for me
I see you.

I don’t expect perfection from you
and I know you feel the same
I see you.

your heart is so special
so precious
I see you.

keep believing
keep loving, don’t give up
I see you.

you are shining
the stars have nothing on you
I see you.

I see you. always.

handcrafted with love in my little studio.
mandarin, bergamot, violet, jasmine, orchid, sandalwood, vetiver, amber, musk & rose geranium. sprinkles of love, amethyst, lavender and gold.


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