Citrine Point in Pouch

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This beautiful Citrine Intention Pouch is designed to give to yourself or someone else with the intention of Happiness. It contains a beautiful Citrine Pointand three loose Citrine tumbles.

Some of the energies this stone is known to radiate.

– Energising and life giving
– Stirs the soul into action
– Encourages creativity and imagination to blossom
– Offers fresh beginnings
– Clarifies your thoughts
– Increases energy
– Dissipates negative energy
– Clears unwanted energy
– Brings hope
– Can bring happiness to the person who carries it
– Can bring positivity, relieves depression, self-doubt, anger and irrational mood swings
– Success stone
– Related to the solar plexus chakra
– Increases and clarifies personal power and energy

This intention pouch is the perfect match for our Happy Scent.

Includes Citrine Point & 3 Citrine Pocket Stones.