Citrine Natural Cluster Stone In Pouch (‘The Happy Stone’) – With 3 Citrine Pocket Tumble Stones, Happy Blessing Card & Calico Bag


This beautiful Citrine Intention Pouch is designed to give to yourself or someone else with the intention of Happiness. It contains a beautiful Citrine Natural Cluster and three loose Citrine tumbles.

Send this gorgeous gift with intention to energise, bring happiness, stir the soul, encourage creativity and imagination, welcome new beginnings, increase energy levels or bring hope and positivity.

This intention pouch is the perfect match for our Happy Scent.

Includes 1 x Citrine Natural Cluster Stone, 3 x Citrine Pocket Tumble Stones, 1 x Happy Blessing Card and 1 x Lemon Canary Calico Bag / Pouch

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