Intentional Candle Bowl Soy Wax Refill Kit

Price: $53.64$71.82

Refill and reuse your wonderful handmade ceramic Lemon Canary intentional candle bowl. In this kit you will get everything you need to breath life back into your glorious candle bowl, including…

1 x 500g of natural soy wax
2 x premium cotton wicks fitted with stick down stickers ready to go
2 x long wick holders and pegs
2 x 12ml bottles of Organic Essential Oil for scenting (not included in Unscented kit)
1 x travel tin candle empty vessel fitted with wick (use for any leftover wax)
2 x tealight candle empty vessel fitted with wicks (use for any leftover wax)
1 x small bottle of Organic Rose Buds and Petals with a sprinkling of Rose Quartz Chips
4 x round warning label
1 x printed instructions

Before pouring the new wax ensure the bowl is clean. Using warm to hot water is a great way to clean the old wax and help remove the old wicks.


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