Autumn Equinox Soy Candle – Sandalwood, Pine, Ginger & Orange With Citrine, Orange & Frankincense Pieces

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Let us welcome the night.

Essential & Fragrant Oils: Sandalwood, Pine, Ginger and Orange
Crystals: Citrine
Botanicals: Orange and Frankincense

Infused with the intention of planting seeds for new growth and preparation for rest.

Autumn Prayer
Oh Autumn, blessings of the equinox sunlight at dawn that sets in the west. Bless the animals and provide for them as they prepare for the winter. Bless creation as her plants set seeds for next year. Bless the leaves that fall.

Gratitude for the crisp morning air. Stay with me through the later dawn and bless those I love. Bless the violet and pink skies and the midnight eve. Bless the sun and all her wonders as she disappears for a time, to be reborn yet again.


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