Australia Organic Essential Oil Blend – Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus, Niaouli, Rosemary & Lemon Scented Tea Tree

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Certified organic essential oils make up this delicious scent. Australia captures the true essence of this beautiful country and is the perfect gift for a homesick friend. Refreshing and cleansing. The perfect remedy for winter colds or clearing the air after illness.

LEMON MYRTLE – Mood lifter and calmer. Anitviral/fungal.
EUCALYPTUS BLUE MALEE – Breathe easier. Antibacterial.
NIAOULI – Protects against air-borne infections. Great for flu.
ROSEMARY – Improves mental and physical tiredness. Has been found to improve asthma.
LEMON SCENTED TEA TREE – Antiseptic and cleansing.

“Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free.”
Australian National Anthem



> How to use organic essential oils

*Please consult your health professional before using any essential oils during pregnancy, breastfeeding or if you suffer from other medical conditions.

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