Accessories For Home

Glass Dome Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Price: $79.95

Ultrasonic Vaporiser

Price: $88.30

Sweetgrass Braid

Price: $25.00

Handmade Ceramic Bowl with Gold Edge

Price: $65.00

Handmade Ceramic Bowl

Price: $55.00

Candle Snuffer

Price: $15.00

Premium Wick Trimmers – Available in Silver, Rose Gold or Black

Price: $19.00

Natural Guinea Feather

Price: $2.00

Abalone Shell

Price: $8.00

Himalayan Salt Tealight Candle Holders – Natural Shape with Essential Oil Tealight Candle Included

Price: $19.00$49.00

Selenite Tealight Holder – ‘The Peace Stone’

Price: $40.00

Citrine Tealight Holder – ‘The Happy Stone’

Price: $89.00 $59.00

Fluorite Tealight Holder

Price: $65.00

Clear Quartz Tealight Holder

Price: $89.00
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