Do you have beautiful candle vessels that are empty, doing nothing and crying out to be filled, wicked, lit and used again?

Are there any suitable glass, vintage, ceramic or antique containers around your house that could be turned into a beautiful candle?

Do you make pottery that you’d like to turn into candles?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions… the great news is now you can with Lemon Canary’s candle filling service. For a small cost you can turn your empty vessels into amazing aromatherapy candles with 100% plant based wax and pure organic essential oil scents.

“When you reuse you are taking important steps towards a sustainable lifestyle.”


  1. Print out the Candle Filling Order Form & Prices.
    If you don’t already have one, contact us for our’ Candle Filling Order Form & Prices’
  2. Fill out the order form, sign and email it to us for confirmation.
    If you are having your vessels delivered to us it’s a good idea to email us your order form first for confirmation before paying the postage cost to ensure you are happy with the price and details. Email your completed 2 page form to orders@lemoncanary.com.au. Keep these 2 pages as they will need to be sent with your vessels.
  3. Ensure your empty vessels are clean and the wicks are removed.
    Breakages happen in this process which is why we prefer you to prepare your candles ready for pouring. This also allows us to keep our candle refilling prices lower.
  4. Package your empty vessels safely.
    Keep in mind will use the same packaging you send us to send your completed order back to you so ensure there is enough space and cushioning to avoid breakages in transit. If you are close by and will be dropping your vessels in and picking them up packaging is not required.
  5. Post, courier or drop your empty vessels to us.
    If you are posting or couriering your empty vessels and containers please send to Unit 4, 8 Pinter Drive Southport, QLD, 4215. The delivery cost to Lemon Canary is at your cost. Keep in mind will use the same packaging you send us to send your completed order back to you so ensure there is enough space and cushioning to avoid breakages in transit.
  6. Now we go to work and make your beautiful candles
    Please allow plenty of time for delivery to us, pouring and delivery back to you. We don’t like to rush and that means a better candle for you.
  7. Then your new/old candles are sent home.
    Your candles have life again. Gift them or enjoy them yourself.


“If my vessel is broken in transit what happens?”

Whenever we use Australia Post or a courier service there is a small chance of breakages. All care is taken but breakages can happen. Lemon Canary will not reimburse you for any broken vessel however if you have paid in full, we will supply a similar size candle in one of our own vessels at no extra charge.

“Will you refill small vessels like tealight candles?”

Yes, we are happy to. But keep is mind that because pouring small numbers of little vessels is costly and labour intensive our pricing is based on a minimum 100g of soy wax. So even if we pour 80g, you will be charged our minimum 100g rate which ranges from $5-$10 depending on quantity. If you have large quantities you would like filled please talk to us.

“Is the wax you use vegan?”

Yes it is. We use 100% plant based wax that is cruelty free, sustainable and biodegradable. All our refilling is done by hand in our little Aussie studio. And there’s no beeswax, petroleum, pesticides or herbicides… guaranteed. Our waxes come from sustainable farming and they are a renewable resource that can be replaced at the same rate or faster than can be consumed without damaging the ecosystem.

“Can you add embellishments like crystals and dried flowers to my candles when I get them filled?”

Yes, we love doing that. Just let us know what you want on the order form or give us the license to doing something special and surprise you.

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